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Hey Good Lookin’

We actually ate a meal that I prepared myself this evening.  It didn’t come from take-out even.  Never mind that it wasn’t done until 8:00 but by ned, my kids ate real food tonight. Unlike this time last year, when I was making fantastic suppers (cause I was unemployed and had plenty of time to put it together) I have not been cooking much lately. I’m on Fall Break this week and I swore to myself I would actually feed my family while I was on break. 

I say the kids ate but really the only one who ate was the Manchild.  #2 deemed it gross and ate Goldfish crackers. Too bad for him cause the mashed potatoes were rather amazing, as my mashed potatoes tend to be.  He just doesn’t realize yet how good stuff like that is. 

I don’t pat myself on the back for a lot of things or come out and say “I’m good at this” but two things I will say about myself is that I’m one of the better spellers you will ever come across and I’m a good cook.

I often wonder what my kids will ask me to make for them when they come home from college. The Manchild likes my cooking and Holy Tara does, too, it just depends on what day it is and if she decides she’s going to be nice and appreciative of me.  #2 digs my Meatloaf a lot.  I do make what I deem to be the best meatloaf around. 

My mom was always a good cook.  We always ate nice suppers (it was “supper” at my house. I never remember us saying “Dinner’s “).  We had a small, black dinner bell that hung over the couple steps that led to our kitchen.  Mom rang that thing a lot to signal it was time for vittles.  I haven’t thought about the bell in a looong time. 

I usually liked everything my mom made EXCEPT I did not like that round steak stuff she made that was covered in tomatoes.  Anytime I smell tomato paste, to this day, it makes me think of that.  Everything else she did, was really good.  We rarely had dessert.  Usually when we did have some sort of dessert, I remember it being Jell-o Pudding she would fix and pour into tupperware bowls and they would set in the refrigerator. 

I’m a different sort of cook from my mother.  I guess I learned some things from her, but, really, I taught myself to cook when I was a teenager.  My mom was and is not the type that likes anybody in the kitchen but her when food is being prepared.

I like to blame my lack of kitchen cleaning skills on the fact she was perpetually telling us to “Get out from under her feet.”  That’s kinda a lame excuse because my sister can clean a kitchen like nobody’s bidness.  Funny that she blames her not being much of a cook on the “Get out from under my feet” cry.   (My kids and husband will tell you I have NEVER told any person or animal in my house to get out from under my feet. Nope. Never.


I found my camera that had been missing for a couple months.  Not telling where I found it.  I was hoping I would find the camera situated with my missing retainer. 

Friday Funny Stuff

A few things I’ve seen the last 24 hours have made me laugh.

My boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel, showed this on his show night before last (I think. I am usually 24 hours behind on that one). Please, please, please watch this. Short & Fat, that goes for you, too. I know you are anti-video watching on blogs, but, you must. Please.

Poor Stacy. We’re having such fun at her expense.

Secondly, Andy singing Take A Chance to Angela on The Office last night.

Then, just when I thought I couldn’t have a gut busting laugh yet again, Mike Armistead of the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band, sprung this ern on me.

matt-terry.jpg Click to embrittney. 

This one nearly caused me to have a hernia, too.


Bigger Than Life Atticus

The Belcourt Theater is showing a series of Classic movies that families can enjoy together.  Tomorrow’s movie?  To Kill A Mockingbird.  What a cool opportunity to see Gregory Peck killmockingbird218.jpgon the big screen…in his beautiful, hunka hunka burning love, time, plus, the movie is one of the best ever.  A classic among classics, most definitely.

I Won’t Back Down

I feel like I can say with certainty that I did a lot better on my Lecture exam last night than I did on the Lab exam last week.  I don’t know what I made on last night’s test, however, I do know what I got on the Lab test.  How should I put it poetically….your Sista did not do so good.

All is not lost, according to my teacher. He said I do need to come to some open labs.  I do feel like I’m getting my sea legs a little more now though and kinda know how it works and really see that I have to put lots of time into this stuff.  I’m going to have to be obsessed with it. 

 If I could just stop getting upset everytime I go to the Math place.

I guess going to the Math place after my test last night and after getting my Lab test grade was not the best idea.  I get in there, get my headphones on, that geeky lady on the video started talking about decimals, and the tears hit.  (Don’t worry…nobody around me knew I was losing my mind. I’m really a pro at going nuts quietly).  I only stayed in there about 40 minutes and decided I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

Good thing is Fall Break is next week.  The Math place will be open and I’m planning on getting caught up to speed on the Math crap exercises.

Anybody who is really good at study skills who might have some study suggestions for me, have at it.  (I’m looking specifically at a certain Stanford graduate.) 


Thursday has rolled around again and I have yet another exam tonight.  In order to keep my sanity and a reminder that I musn’t take myself too seriously, I rely on my old pal, Pee Wee to help me keep things in persective.

I still love Pee Wee Herman. I especially love Paul Reubens and am glad to see him circulating on tv again. I heard him say on Kimmel that he’s going to be a regular on Pushing Up Daisies.

I liked to have wet myself last season when he was on 30 Rock.

Not to belabor his past discretions (which, really, considering stuff other celebrities have done, is really nothing) I can’t help but laugh at what my dad said about Pee Wee when he got arrested. This was the summer before Dad died, so he was pretty sickly but he announced that Pee Wee got arrested for “Flogging his mule.” He was a funny feller.

Say a prayer for your Sista that I can remember the difference between DNA and RNA, polar and non-polar things and all that.

What’s In A Name

Last week, a laughter ruckus began over the use of a strange name in #2′s homework.

It happened again this evening.  This time it was “Robill and Buray.”  Once again, Mr. Smiff said the same “Why don’t they use Sam or Fred?” It was like listening to an audio of last week.  This really irritates him.

I said to Mr. Smiff, “I suppose you want them to use names like those of people you knew back in North Carolina…like ‘Wakey’, ‘Cosmo’ (Cosmo is not just a character on Seinfeld, no sirree.  Mr. Smiff had a great uncle named Cosmo and another’n named “Elmo”.)  ‘Verly’ (as in “Verily, verily, I say unto thee” per the good ol’ King James version. The person claimed he had a “Biblical” name.) We can’t forget his Uncle Penn (not the same character in Bill Monroe’s signature song) or his Uncle Daniel Boone…His cousin, lovingly nicknamed “Stain”…doesn’t take much imagination to figure out whence that one came from.

Now, it isn’t right for me to laugh at the funny names on his side of the tree.  I’ve got a few myself…we have a “Nootsie”, “Tee Wee”, “By-ee”, Lady…The Engineering Brother In Law has about 20 “Aunt Gladys’”.  There’s at least 2 of every name on my dad’s side of the family and even more in some names….Two Joys, two Sandra’s, two Sharon’s, two Junes, two Tyler Smith’s, two Trevor’s, two Sharon Smith’s, two Terry Smith’s…it’s kindly insane.  That’s ok cause we aren’t exactly a normal sorta family.


I’m starting to wonder if perhaps, maybe I should consider the Journalism/Communications program instead of Nursing?  Maybe I just need to quit reading Nursing Blogs. 

Feeling the weight of trying to work full time, manage a family and do this school thing, big time today.  I know I can do it, but, the word “overwhelmed” keeps popping into my head. 

When There Are No Words

All the craziness of the last week, I haven’t blogged about a horribly sad thing that happened Thursday.  This came in the middle of all the pre-exam/pre-IBMA awards stuff.  I came back Thursday afternoon from the hair place and the Manchild told me his friend Jacob from church had committed suicide that day. 

  Meds, nerves, whatever, I totally broke down at hearing this.  I never met Jacob but I know the Manchild played pool with him a lot on Wednesday nights.  It’s hard to quite wrap your head around a 15 year old boy taking his own life.  I have no idea what led him to that point or anything like that.  Nothing to say about it other than my heart just aches for his parents and family.

A big part of me aches for the Manchild, too.  He kept saying last night “It really hasn’t affected me, I mean, I’m not crying or anything.”  I didn’t tell him that yes, it DOES affect him, probably in such a deep way he can’t really express it.  I didn’t tell him it probably feels unreal to him and there will come a point, either when he attends the visitation tonight or the funeral tomorrow that it will indeed affect him.  He’s enough like his father that you don’t see tears from him often, but, there again, he’s enough like his father for me to know that he will, if he’s not already, weep on the  inside.

Dear Son, please allow yourself to feel and express your sadness.  Not just this, but, other sad things you will face.  It doesn’t make you strong to keep a straight face.  I am convinced  it’s the opposite.  Strength is letting yourself feel and confront the sadness of the situation. Tears are cleansing and I believe God gives them to us to clean out wounds so we can heal.

I’ve given the Suicide Lecture to both kids over the weekend.  Holy Tara rolled her eyes and said “Oh gosh, you’ve already given this lecture.”  I bet Jacob’s parents had too.   I think that’s one lecture you can’t give enough. 

God bless the Riker Family.

A Happy Bunch

ibma-2007-eoy.jpgClick to Embrittney.  (I named it that after her. Hee)

Guess Who Is Turning 50?

This show celebrated its 50th birthday this week.  beaver-and-wally.jpgTvLand is celebrating with a marathon this weekend.

Beaver was one of the first old shows I remember watching in reruns.  I was nuts about Beaver, Wally, Eddie Haskell, Lumpy and all of them.  I really liked Lumpy’s dad, who was so marvelously played by the late Richard Deacon.  “Clarence!” 

We see Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow, Barbara Billingsley (who is 91!) and Ken Osmond a lot, but, I want to know where the heck is Larry Mondello, Mary Ellen Rodgers and Miss Landers?  What about Judy?  I think Whitey died.  Gilbert became an award winning documentary film maker. Jerry Mathers was recently on Broadway in Hairspray.

I know Barbara Billingsley made most of our lives miserable thinking that married life and motherhood would be like June Cleaver, but, I think she redeemed herself when she spoke jive in Airplane.

That picture up there of Beaver reminds me a ton of my Cousin Wayne when he was a little feller.   colliewayne.jpg 

Year of the Grascal (Again)


Yeah,baby.  Once again, I get to sleep with the IBMA Entertainer of the Year…or one of them anyway. 

And how grand is it that two incredible singing Bradleys won the Female and Male Vocalist award?  Bradley Walker (who was the first guy to christen Knuck’s  ramp at the Mothership) and Dale Ann Bradley.  I fantasize that I sing as good as Dale Ann.  How wonderful for them.

Perhaps the number one thing I hate I didn’t get to witness was my Terry, Terry Eldredge and Jimmy Mattingly’s hillbilly-fever.jpgformer boss, Sonny Osborne, grascals-and-sonny.jpgpresent the award to them.  As teary as I get these days, it’s prolly a good thing.  I mighta sonny.jpgembarrassed them all.  (How bout that, Raymond E?)


As I was on my way to school tonight, #2 was on his way to the Opry House for the International Bluegrass Music Awards.  He was pumped. 

The tie was his idea.  He calls them “Wear-a-Tie” shirts. 

The Lab exam was very hard.  I hope I passed.  It was reallllly hard.  I am tired. So very tired. I’ve been pretty uptight the last few days and boy howdy, that makes a soul tired. 

I’m wishing about now that I had taken tomorrow off. 

Crazy Days and Thursdays Always Get Me Down

I kinda hate I won’t be able to be at the IBMA awards tonight because of the great photo ops. I hate to miss big family events.  All three kids are going to the show.  They wouldn’t miss it.  I’m tickled they’re that interested and get to experience a lot of the same things I experienced as a kid.   Same time, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about what to wear.  Then again, it’s a big deal and I’ll miss it…on the other hand, awards shows are long, tedious and make me nervous.  I can’t even think about if The Grascals will win or not win.  Of course, I hope they do, but, I can’t think about it cause I have to think about Pseudostratified Columnar Cells.  (Shishter…you hear that?!?! That one’s fun to say). I do think XM Radio is broadcasting the show again this year and my friends over at The Bluegrass Blog will be liveblogging the event.

I’m frustrated about the Lab exam  tonight.  50% of it is identifying certain tissues, cells, their function, location, etc. We didn’t start that til last week and unlike everything else, he breezed through that.  It’s nuts.  I’ve stayed up very late the last two nights studying. 

The Manchild helped me study last night and it was quite comical.  Too bad a video camera wasn’t going.  He kept calling me “Trevor” cause my attention would sometimes wander.  That big boy of mine is a hilarious person.  How odd to have your spawn calling out your study material to you.   He really was helpful.  Thing is, he hasn’t had Chemistry yet, but, most of that stuff was as simple to him as me reading about Hollywood movie stars. Amazing.  He explained and helped me understand 4x, 10x, 40x magnification on the microscope. 

I decided about 1:00 this morning, I can’t worry and stress about this exam.  I’ll just go in there, do the best I can and move on to the next thing.  I have to remind myself that I started this college thing in one of the harder classes a person can take.  I’m doing ok.

You should see the bags under my eyes, though.  They can carry groceries.

A Plea

A couple months ago, I posted about a friend of mine who is trying to find a sweet dog a home.  She thought she had found him a home a time or two and it just fell through.  She asked me again if I would come to you, picture-456.jpgthe blogworld, and see if we can’t place this dog. 

Brittney used to post things like this and the dogs usually found a home pretty quickly.  If you know anybody in the picture-457.jpgmarket for a good dog, please let them know about Sammy.

I will be more than happy to hook you up with Cherry and she can tell you how you can make Sammy part of your family.

The reason I can’t take him?  I have two dogs, two cats and don’t pay the attention to them that I should.  Cherry herself is a multi-dog owner.  This is a good dog, who deserves somebody who can spend time with him.  Sammy is a year or so old.


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