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In Which Your Sista Gets Out Of The House


Check out this fine looking bunch. would ya?  Mista Kloywnhuywda’s in the picture too but he didn’t want to be.   It’s kinda like playing “Where’s Waldo?”  He’s there.   I think he was the official roastee today.  Malia left just as I got there (was it something I said? Did I smell?) But I was glad to see her, even if for just a second.2352375345_01b2b77f34.jpg I haven’t seen these ho’s since Kate’s party last summer.  Actually, I think it’s been longer than that since I’d seen Kathy T.

I haven’t seen Ginger since about October, however, today was the second time in a week I’d seen her.  Hadn’t seen Lesley since Kate’s either.


I was pretty glad to escape enjoy some quality social time today.  My coach turned back into a pumpkin all too soon and it was back to the house to referee.

From Whence Cometh My Strength…

I know I posted this same song last Good Friday…but it does explain it all for me.

Birthday Girl


I hope that if the good Lord lets me live to be 83, that I’ll be half as spunky, positive, and have sucha loving-life outlook, half as much as Miss Polly does. What a cool lady.  Her life has not been an easy one, as is nobody’s.  She works in my office and keeps everybody in line.  mizz-polly.jpg When she’s not in the office on vacation or something and I fill in for her on the phones, EVERYBODY that walks in the door wants to know where she is.  Everybody loves Miss Polly.

I asked her for some pearls of wisdom for us on her birthday.  She said this…in her beautiful, French accent:

“Trust in ‘ze Lord and choose happiness.”

Pretty good advice.


img_1032.jpgLast week, one day when it was really warm, Mrs. BAGLESS, one of my co-workers said “Come look at this.”  Look out the window and we see this ol’ gal enjoying her lunchtime.  I mean, she was into it…img_1034.jpg

I thought it was pretty brilliant to have the cab down and her comfy chair and just chillin’ at lunchtime.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Sunday’s Coming

If you don’t have any plans for Easter morning and you want somewhere to celebrate Up From The Grave He Arose, then you need to just mozy on out to Bluegrass Baptist Church in Hendersonville. One…Matt’s gonna give a good Word but you can also see two bloggers warble. 

It will either be a historical or hysterical moment when Ginger, the lovely and talented Jana (not a blogger but her better half is known to lurk about here) and Your Sista sing a little song. 

The church is at 235 Indian Lake Road, Hendersonville.  Very easy to find.  Don’t be firghtened off with the “church” thing.  Matt is not your mama and daddy’s Baptist preacher.

Viva Viagra

A couple months back, Mr. S. got called in, with his bandmates, to audition for a Viagra commercial.  Yep…Viva Viagra.  From what I understand, every Bluegrass picker in town was there to audition.  I don’t know how many in all came to audition, but, out of all those that showed up, only one real Bluegrass Dude was chosen. (It was not the Mister…dammit.)

Please go here to see the new Viagra commercial and see if you recognize anybody.


I think it’s pretty dang swell that Uncle Bobo will make him some nice change on this commercial.  What I DON’T get is why on earth they had to bring in actors to be Bluegrass people.  I’m sorry, but, Bluegrass music’s got some charming dudes who probably would be able to sell some blue pills.   I’d have loved to see any of the Bluegrass guys on that commercial.  Lord knows Bluegrass pickers enjoy the benefits of the stuff…I could name several who could be poster boys for Viagra, but, I won’t cause this is a Christian blog and we don’t gossip here.  Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

**Update-I lied…there are a couple real musicians on there I just didn’t know them.  Kenny Kosek on fiddle and Eric Weissberg, (he was part of that famous “Dueling Banjos” from Deliverance, ya know…I know of Weissberg, but, obviously wouldn’t know him if I ran into him down at the Kmarts.

Kiss Me

Go and celebrate your Irish heritage today, even if you aren’t Irish. 

I happen to be of the Scotch-Irish variety, descending from the Sullivan’s (mother’s maiden name) who were originally the “O’Sullivan’s“. The Fife’s of Mississippi, of which my maternal grandmother came from was part of my Scotch part….then you go back and there’s some French on the maternal great-grandmother’s side but then you take the Collie side….Collie is English, although my way yonder back grandpa, John Collie came to America from Scotland.

On the same side of the pater familias, there was the Nickells (paternal great grandmother and that link there does indeed go to my branch of the Nickells) and they were Irish, although the surname was originally Nickhaill.

My kids are full of Irish too from their Pappy’s side.  On that side, they descend from various McKinneys, Gwynn’s, O’Bryant’s…my father in law looks like an Irishman, actually.  Fiddle and all…

I don’t know percentages and stuff but one of the Irish thangs I inherited was the fair skin and black hair. Shut up. My hair used to be black before the good Lawd thought I needed to look “wise” and “distinguished.”

This clip of the Chieftains in Nashville makes me want to do that Lord of the Dance thing. I just might do it today. If I feel moved, I will. My co-workers would love that. They already think I’m a “musician” so maybe I can make them think I’m a dancer. Heh.

Hot Off The Press-#2


#2 is fun to take pictures of.



Going To The Chapel…

015.jpgCo-worker Ashley usually doesn’t come in to our office on Fridays. This past Friday though…she had news..




Co-worker Melissa (left) is wanting to say “Why on earth do you want to get married?”  But, she refrains.

Ashley is very happy.  God bless her.  :)


Ok who can tell me how to upload a dvd to the computer sos I can share it here?  I have something really cool I want to show and tell.

Random Saturday

I watched that movie “Premonition” with Sandra Bullock.  Hey now…that’s a big deal for me. I liked it.  I don’t know that I get it all.   The thing about the movie that left me going hmmmm was the fact that the dead/not dead husband’s name in the movie was Jim Henson.  Stuff like that makes me giggle. Do you think they did that on purpose?

This post here makes me laugh.  Why?  Cause one of the few “tricks” I could do in the swimming pool was I could swim like the Man From Atlantis.  Yes, yes…my uncovered talents are just never ending, aren’t they? 

The Sundance Channel just may be my one of my new favorite channels. Does anybody else love crap like documentaries on Lew Wasserman as much as I do?  They ran that reality show on Jay Bakker last night.  Dang…I love stuff like that. Sometimes I wish I had normal guilty pleasures like trashy romance novels, but, no…

If I had a clue how to make a documentary, I’d make one.  I love them. On anything. 

My eye muscle in my right eye has been jumping for three days.  It’s about to get on my nerves.  I haven’t had that in a long time.  What causes that?

One of my new favorite books of the Bible is officially Habakkuk.  Chapter one especially.  I know it’s not a new book or nothing and I’ve always known OF it but never got into it until I started doing this study of Priscilla Shirer’s

Zumba is the bomb.  My shimmy is getting better.  My Cha Cha is smokin’.  I didn’t realize I can kick it on the dance floor and you better believe I flat get with it in there.  Note to self: Go out and dance more. 

My kids fought like cats and dogs today.  I think they enjoy it.  They argue about their arguments.  I went in my room and closed the door at one point.  No wonder my parents used to pretend they didnt hear us.  Dadgum, that mess drives me crazy. Even the 16 year old Manchild will just hassle #2 and then denies it.  This is why he is the Man Child.

I have one hellatious hangnail on my right thumb.  It hurts like the dickens.  Throbs.  I hate them things.

Mista Wawmth

don_rickles.jpgOk y’all…listen to me…go to Netflix and put Don Rickles: Mr. Warmth in your queue (or is it cue?).  I’ll wait.

Now, you watch that mailbox for it.  And you put it in your dvd player and watch that thing when you get it.   

I wish I could go to Vegas and see Don before he keels over.  Just once.  I wouldn’t sit in the front row though, for nothing. I know that will never happen, but, I can dream.

This here is one of my favorite Rickles moments.  I remember seeing this when it originally aired.  Great stuff.

In Which I Commence To Wet My Britches…

We are approaching that special time of year where we Christian types celebrate that up from the Grave He arose (with a mighty triumph o’er His foes).  I know come Easter time, I want to hear that song about the rabbit going hippity, hoppity, as well as “Christ The Lord Is Risen Today.”

I bet you didn’t know that “That’s Amore” is techinically an Easter ditty.  Mmmhhhmmmh…it sho is.  According to John Daker…be sure you go potty before you commence to watching this.

Got Those Smokin’ Cigarettes and Drinkin’ Coffee Blues…

A little bit of Lefty for you for a beautiful Thursday in Music City. 

This’ll fix what ails ya.


I just happened to stumble across this blog yesterday.  I made a mental note to look at it later so I did just that a few minutes ago whilst sipping my coffee, which happens to be Folgers. 

Funny, I came across this here picture of my dad dad-coffee-club.jpg on this way cool blog about Houston’s very colorful radio history.  I have never seen it.  Not surprising since it was from 1950 and I wasn’t born until 19 years later.  I love finding all these cool things on my dad that I’ve never known or seen.  He was quite the shiz in Houston radio. 

I had a guy email me in the last year or so how someone had told him of walking down a Houston street in the middle of the summer and because Houston in the summer is hotter than hades and these were the days before air conditioning, all the windows on the houses were open and this individual could hear Biff coming out of every single house as he walked down the street.  Now, whether or not that is true is another story, but, I sure like to think it is.

I never heard my dad on the air on his regular radio shows.  He stopped doing daily, on the air stuff when we moved here from Los Angeles when I was a baby.  I still don’t know why he didn’t do regular radio here.  I think it’s because when we came here, he did the very first syndicated radio show out of Nashville and maybe that was a step up or something? I don’t know.

Yet another question I wish I could ask my old man.  Dadgum, there’s sooo many things I wish I’d have asked him about.  I wish I’d have grilled him more about Elvis.  Notice how big Dad’s name is here?  He was a big deal in Houston.  This show right here was where elvis.jpgthe first, live recording of the Kang was done.  It says Dad was the “Master of Ceremonies”, which he was, but, he also booked the shows. 

Dad never really elaborated on his Elvis experience. Come to think of it, he really didn’t talk a lot about his friendship with Hank, Sr. either.  If you asked him, he would talk about it.  

   In fact, one of the things I remember him saying most about Hank was that it always got on his nerves when people always talked about how sad and miserable Hank was.  He may have been, but, Dad said people really didn’t mention the flip side and how much fun Hank was and how funny he was.  I think that bothered him that the sad part was so pounded into the legend.

Dad bought Hank the shirt he has on here. hankw-biffcollie.jpg

Pretty neat stuff.


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