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collie_grandkids.jpg9 years ago this spring….my three and my nephew.  Oh my gosh…this is sweet.  Right before the HT got glasses.  It’s so obvious now she’s kinda squinting there.  Poor thing couldn’t see a foot in front of her.  Look at my Manchild!  And #2….and my nephew…..geez.

And Because I Care…

Listen to your Sista…

Stay away from Amberjack.  Unless you want to be really, really sickly….stay away from it.  Y’hear?

That is all.

Because It IS About Me

I don’t know ’bout ‘chall, but, I’m having quite the time with this hour ahead thing.  I think it’s cause they moved it up to the beginning of March.

I’m pretty good in the mornings.  I think of myself as a freak of nature that likes to stay up late AND get up early (sometimes).  This hour early thang, though….I am not crazy about.

This Daylight Savings Time thing is going to benefit me how?
*** I thought of a way it benefits me!  I won’t have to worry about changing this one clock in the kitchen cause….it’s correct now! Woo hoo. 

I went over to read Dave’s Window cause I haven’t read him awhile.  Dadgum, that Dave is witty.  He’s also gonna be a dad again thanks to the charming and smart blogger Violet. 

I found this test over at Dave’s.  It made me so happy when I took it.  It’s the Classic Dames Test.  Because classic movies are one of my most favorite of all guilty pleasures, I was pretty pumped about this.

You are so dying to know what it said about me aren’t you? Huh? Huh? Huh?

rosalind-russell.jpgYes!  It matched me most with Rosalind Russell, who is one of my favorites. It says that I have 11% grit, 52% wit, 23% flair, 16% class – Rosalind Russell.  I love that.  I’m not surprised I’m rather low on the Grit and Class thing but the Wit and Flair….yes indeed.

 Oh and whilst looking for a great photo of Roz…I stumbled upon this hilarious blog.

Like Nobody’s Watching

I just got back from an exercise class where we did what they’re doing in this video.

You talk about fun! Lordy mercy….my kids, my 14 year old daughter in particular, would have DIED if they’d have seen their mama doing this stuff. I think I might use this as a potential punishment in the future. Hmmm…that’s an idea. “If you backtalk me, young lady, you will have to come to Zumba class with me!” Heh.

It dawned on me whilst I was shimmying that my shimmy was rusty. Then it dawned on me that I have never shimmied on purpose, in public. All these dance moves, I’ve never done. That’s because I’ve never danced as a grown up. I want to emphasize that I can dance and have good rythym (I was spawned from two, very fine dancers) but because I never allowed myself to just let er’ rip, I sat and watched. Stoooo-pid.

When I was a kid, I LOVED the movie Grease. (Still love it) I mean, I wanted to step inside of Rydell High and hang with Rizzo, Frenchie, Sandy, Danny and the whole gang. It took nearly 30 years, but, I FINALLY did the Hand Jive today in that there Zumba class. I felt like Cha Cha when she and Danny won the dance contest trophy. It was fabulous. I’m sure I looked ridiculous but how fun….My co-worker Amy and I had a ball and will definitely go back.

Funny How…

Snow is so pretty when it falls and before it gets all driven on, yet, driven-on snow-that’s-turned-to-slush….isn’t.

Speaking of funny, OnDemand is running a great documentary on Bruce Vilanch.  It’s called “Get Bruce.” You should watch it. 

bruce-vilanch.jpgI need this t-shirt.

Meanwhile…At 4 A.M. At Sista’s House



Happy, Happy, Joy Joy!


Not Crying Over Spilled Diet Coke

We went to eat at the Longhorn last night night before last.  I spilt my drink, much to the delight of my teenagers.

We had one of those great waiters that was just so dang perky.  He cleaned up the mess I made and said he’d go get me another drink.

This is what he brought me back:


My very own Big Girl Cup.

Busted Flat In Baton Rouge…

This is what I’ve been listening to a LOT on the ol’ Ipod of late. 

Dale Ann Bradley is one of my most favorite-ist girl singers.

Slowskis No Mo’

This is the very first blog post written on the new computer, purchased today, praise God and shout halleluyer.

I thought the old computer was dayde several times in the last year but somehow, it always resurrected.  This time though….it did not.  That ol’ thing lasted 6 years.  Not such a bad track record.

Amazing how you get so used to something running SO slow, that when you have something that runs fast, you almost don’t know how to handle it, ya know?

Speaking of not knowing how to act…I want yous all to know that I have been out socializing with real people, not oncet, but, twicet this last week!  By real people, I mean those who don’t blog.  I didn’t get home til 12:30! On a school work night.  I felt so rebellious and edgy.
That is not saying nothing negatory about my blogger bretheren.  Before them, I had not made any new, real-like friends in YEARS.  I mean…people I actually spend time with other than at the building with the cross on it, although there is nothing wrong with that.  They’re sorta to blame for Sista being out on the town.

Those of us who are inclined to be somewhat introverted, there’s a fine line between solitude and isolation, knowwhattamean?  Isolation is not so good.  Maybe now and then but not for say, 18 years.

I’m socializing again tomorrow!  This is a real person but then, he blogs, but, that’s not how I know him.  If’n he says I can, I’ll post something from it. 

So, here’s a picture that proves I was out with real people….the picture is sorta blurry and it looks like I have two heads. 
march-2008-316.jpgJessica looks like she’s got a halo. 
Me, Amy, Beth, Wendy and Jessica went to the brand new theater at Indian Lake Village.  I kept saying “Y’all sure we’re still in Hendersonville?”  It’s purty.


Look at all them cullahs, y’all.

march-2008-315.jpgNever heard tell of a movie theater having a “Guest Services Desk.” I wonder if they’d have rubbed my feet if I’d have asked?

march-2008-312.jpgWant some candy, little gull?

We were standing there trying to decide what movie to see.  The theater was showing certain movies for $2.  Cokes and popcorn were both $1 and the money went to charity.  The movies they were showing, I don’t think were current releases, but, that’s ok cause I hadn’t seen a movie in the thee-ay-der since…Dreamgirls.  Before that, I think I saw Cars.

So, we’re discussing what movies are playing and what we’re gonna see.  Wendy says “Michael Clayton…who’s in that?” 

“George Clooney” saith your Sista.

At the same time, all four girls let out a collective sigh.  “What’s it about?” someone asked.  I told them it didn’t matter, it had George Clooney in it.

I dug Michael ….it was a bit dark and I think I’ll have to see it again to totally absorb everything but I love me a good suspense movie.  Everytime they had the camera on the kid, I was sure they were gonna have those guys following George kidnap and kill him.

Arthur the Crazy Guy was amazing.  michaelclaytonpubl.jpg

That Tildy gal that won the Oscar…she was pretty doggone good.

George?  Well….he’s George.


This Is Slicker’n Owl…

I noticed cameras out in front of my office yesterday when I went to the Sonic at lunchtime…didn’t think much about it. 

Then, on the news last night, they did this story about the baby owl falling out of the tree and the wildlife people putting it back with its mama in a laundry basketThe Channel 5 people covered it, too.

We went out to look this morning and y’all…look at my cool picture I took of Mama Owl.


I was pretty proud the new camera got such a good closeup.  Believe you me, I didn’t get too close to that tree.

I wonder if Mama Owl there knows X the Owl that lives in my pine tree in my front yard? 

***Update-Channel 4 did a little update and showed my picture.  I wanted to hear Dan Miller say my name but he di-int.  Dan, I’m  hurt, man.

I Can’t Believe This

Oh my gosh…no!

Patrick Swayze is very ill and apparently will not be with us long.  It hits me the same way Michael Landon did…oddly enough, he has the same thing.  Both fit guys…not old…

What I loved Swayze in the most was The Outsiders.  I had this picture on my wall…outsiders.jpg

I liked him in Ghost, too. 

Terrible stuff.

45 Years

March 5, 1963….Cowboy Copas, Patsy Cline, Hawkshaw Hawkins and Randy Hughes died in a plane crash. 224431_550x550_mb_art_r0.jpg

About a year and a half ago, me, Kerry and Chris had the opportunity to stop at the crash site.292806164_7f9b620bdd.jpg

Patsy has always had a lot of press and it’s been something of a thorn in the side of Jean Shepard, who is Hawkshaw Hawkins’ widow and with good reason. 

 Hawkshaw Hawkins was a fantastic singer and performer.  The music community was pretty crazy about him.  

Jean was 8 months pregnant with their second son when the crash happened.  Let that fall on you for a second…she had one baby and was just about to have another one and her husband dies in a plane crash.

Cowboy Copas was a great performer and a fabulous guitarist.

Kathy Hughes lost not only her father, Cowboy Copas, but, her husband, Randy Hughes who was ALSO the pilot of the plane and who made the decision to fly onto Nashville, after refueling in Dyersburg, even though the weather was bad. 

Charlie Dick, Patsy’s widower, was left with two small children who now had no mother.

Legends aside…this crash was a tragedy of enormous, personal proportions.

They’re Like My Children…

Gingah tagged me for one of them maymays and she said I have to put links to my favorite posts that have to do with specific topics so h’year goes…

The family link is a tie (is that allowed?)  My post from 2006 about my grandfather is one of my favorite posts ever and then the one about my father on what would have been his 81st birthday is another one.

My 20 Year High School Reunion is one of my favorite moments of Whiff that have to do with friends.  It was such a great time, I had to do two posts on it.

This would be my post About Me (it’s ALL about me though, right?)

I love this post.  Not so much cause of the brilliant writing but the story is one of the funniest moments I’ve ever had. 

And something I love? Anything having to do with rhinestones, fiddles, steel guitars, banjos, GIT-tars, cadillacs and Hillbilly Music….I love creative people, music and anything having to do with any of the above so with that thought in mind…One of my favorite posts about something I love..

I hereby tag CLC, the Manic Manicurist, Chris in Tejas,  Dasspunk (who has a HI-larious little blog way up Nawth) and my favorite Knucklehead (I miss the Mothership).

* Post about the meme and link back to the person that tagged you.
** Go back to your archives and link to your five favorite posts.
Link One: must be about family
Link Two: must be about friends
Link Three: must be about yourself
Link Four: must be about something you love
Link Five: can be anything you choose
** Tag five other people (at least two must be new acquaintances so that you can get to know them better).


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