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Fun, fun, fun… Here we have Tina, Scott, Jeremy, Juliana and Ron.  I love these peoples.  And I love the Big Bang.  And I love that I’m almost 40. And I love Long Island Teas.  I actually have not had one of those things since about 1999.  Remind me to have one of those every so often.  I was feeling right good and I enjoyed myself muchly. 

Will put more pictures and stuff up tomorrow.

First Post of 2009

Nothing too heavy this first morning of 2009…random randmoness for ya:

Job hunt update…I did have a phone interview yesterday. Phone interviews are awkward. They just are. I hope I didn’t sound like a dork.

I had Korean food yesterday at Yong’s in Hendersonville.  I’m not the expert on Korean cuisine but my friend Tara is.  She is a Hawaii native and lived in Los Angaleeez for many years.  You can get lots of Korean there. 

 When she moved here, she happened to find Yong’s on Walton Ferry Rd. in Hendersonville.  She took me there about a year ago and dadgum…good stuff.  She makes the food fresh right there on a stove.  Ride out there and get you some.

Me and Cherry were supposed to go do something last night but dang if that Cherry got sickly. Probably a good thing though cause like my mother is so fond of saying…”Lotta drunks out on New Year’s Eve”.  Heh.

Me and Cherry spent the better part of New Year’s Eve looking on the Tennessean website at State employees salaries. As a former State employee, it’s kinda mindblowing and upsetting that anybody can look and see what anybody that works for the State makes. Why is it then, Cherry and I couldn’t tear ourselves away from it? Kinda like when I discovered that you can look up property values and see what your friends paid for their houses.

For somebody as nosy as me, junk like that is like porn.

I’m waching Leave It To Beaver this New Year’s morning.  I’m cracking up at Wally and The Beav.  Beaver introduces his brother to Miss Landers and says “May I present my brother, Wally.  He’s a sophomore in high school and he took a bath and stuff.” 

Larry, Gilbert and Whitey climb up in a tree to watch Beaver and Miss Landers while she’s having dinner at the Cleaver home .  Larry says “Look!  She has toes!”  Whitey says “Where?”  Larry says “Coming out of her shoes!  I’ve never seen a teacher eat before.”   

Beaver’s friend Gilbert reminds me of my longtime friend Dean Smith when he was a little boy.  (Dean’s Daddy is that hunka hunka Carl Smith and his mama was that hottie Goldie Hill). 

The resemblance between my friend and Beaver’s friend caused me to Google Gilbert and I found this interesting article that Stephen Talbot (who played Dean’s look alike) wrote for  Go read it. 

And we all thought Gilbert was just second banana to the Beav.  Who knew he came THIS close to being tried for espionage?  That he spent his life trying to hide his television identity and has now come to embrace that part of his life. (What I like to call “The Goober Syndrome.”)  AND to my absolute TV Geekette delight, Gilbert produces one of my favorite shows on PBS,  Frontline.  (I dvr this regularly cause it comes on in the middle of the night, usually)Hard to comprehend that like the article says, Wally and Beaver are American Icons, yet, don’t have much of any sort of cut from Beaver.  Something about that is very wrong.

I lurve the internets!

Yuck Sweet Yuck

Me and #2 have had a lovely lil’ evening. We went to the Cracker Barrel before going to see Bedtime Stories (LOVE IT).

Ran into old friends the Peasalls and their rather large brood of offspring, which now includes a son in law!  (Thing #232 this week that has made me feel elderly.  Sheesh. I was at Mike & Sally’s wedding!)

Upon checking out, I remembered I needed to get me one of those car air freshener thingies that Yankee Candle makes.  I washed the ‘Stang today (dang, that’s a purty car) and wanted some smelly-good stuff for it.

Usually, I get the Clean Cotton air freshener or the one that smells like Leather cause neither one is very overpowering.  I like smelly good stuff but I don’t like it to knock me prostrate when I catch a whiff of it, ya know?

What in the name of fresh air made me decide to get the “Home Sweet Home” scent?  I’ve had that candle before and it smells ok, however, the car air freshener?  Not so much.

The ‘Stang is all shiny and purty and looking oh-so-good, but the inside smells like cough syrup. 

When we left the movie, I still had my “medium” drink (which was about the size of a jug of milk) and every sip tasted like Creomulsion for Children because of that dang air freshener.  Makes me gag just thinking about it. 

It don’t smell like any home I’ve ever lived in, unless you count when we’d get sick when we were little.  Mom gave us the different colored Triaminic.  If memory serves, the orange Triaminic was not so bad, but the YELLOW?  I can taste that stuff now.  Ew. If I were to smell that stuff now, I’d go running for my life.

The smell of Vicks Vapo Rub, to this day, makes me want to gag and be scared all at the same time.  Because of that, I never used that stuff on my kids when they’d get sick. 

I remember being reeeeallly little, being sick and that old vaporizer we had that was LOUD running, and that Vicks crap all over me.   And that Creomulsion cough syrup bottle that had those two, happy looking kids on the bottle??  Obviously, they weren’t sickly and hadn’t had that crap forced down their mouths or they wouldn’t have been so happy looking!

Quote of the Week

One of the funniest comments I’ve heard all week?

When discussing PF Changs, I was informed of the following:

“The words “China” and “Bistro” were not meant to go together in the natural world.”


When Cuzzins Are Two Of A Kind

A coupla weeks back, I was in Schpilkis mode.  Cousin Terry thought I needed a casserole so you know what he did today? He personally delivered this to me.  It was some kinda good too.  Spaghetti Pie, he called it.  It had Eye-talian sausage in it, green peppers, other good stuff. 

Cousin Terry is my…let’s see…I guess we are third cousins or some sort of “removed” cousins.  Terry’s grandmother was Aunt Millie.  She was a younger sister to my grandfather.  Aunt Millie was the baby there in the middle and my grandfather is the cherubic looking little feller there on the left.  This picture was made about 1898 on the Nickell Family property up by Lake Barkley, right by the Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky.  (Sometime I have to do a post about my great-great Uncle Shelley Nickell who woulda been a blogger if he was around now and was quite the conservation hero in that area.)

Anyway, Terry is a kin people I didn’t really get to know until I was grown.  We would see that side of the family once a year or so when my grandmother would visit, but, I was a little kid and Terry was a grown up man who had kids older than me. 

After my Dad died in 1992, and his mother died in 1994 and when our Great Aunt Mimi died in 1994, I guess I was seeking family connection. My sister had married and moved away and my mother, during this time, sorta checked out and that side of the family was good enough to sorta draw me into their tight-knit circle. Terry inherited our Aunt Mimi’s house on the Cumberland River and thanks to him, his niece Barbara and other family members, I’ve been able to do some serious connecting with that side of the family and learn a lot about my grandfather and who he was.  

  I don’t think that was hard for Terry and the Brocks/Smiths to draw me and my bunch into their because our grandparents and all the siblings were tight.  Every picture you see of them, even as older people, they were always hugging and touching (I didn’t get that gene. Heh)

I’ve had some fun times with Terry and the other assorted Brocks/Smiths.  Terry and Kaye aren’t just my kinfolks but I really think of them as good friends that I’d have wanted to be friends with even if we didn’t share a lineage, ya know?  I am blessed to have Terry not far down the road.

Thanks Terry.

The Morning After

Came down the stairs this morning and this is what I saw. There’s another girl on the other side of the airbed that’s hidden.  They was sacked out.  I was surprised they only stayed up til about 2. 

They didn’t sleep too late neither.  Specially when they knew Dunkin Donuts was coming.


On The Town

This quartet invaded a certain Hendersonville eating establishment last evening.  We had prayer and Bible Study and discussed how we can expand our mission fields. 

We decided to take the ministry to Victoria’s Secret since they gots a sale going on and all.  (And I had a $15 credit) Nurse Jennifer spent a buttload of money, while SOME of us did not. 

We ran into the Wentworth Girls on the Streets of Indian Lake and had prayer right there.  We prayed that their Mama wasn’t spending too much of  money in Ann Taylor.  Heh.

We did not laugh loud at all, nor did we cause any other unsuspecting customers to shake their heads in disgust.  (Least I didn’t)

Them girls…are not right.

In Which I Have Nothing Heavy To Say…

If you’re looking for something heavy, you have come to the wrong place.  Random pieces of the day…

That is not me in the chair.  That’s another Sharon.  I actually work with this Sharon (there are three Sharon’s in my office) and it’s not odd to run into a co-worker at the Hairdo Place.  Cheryl does hair for let’s see…probably 10 people in my office.  She oughta just come set up shop at the Heff Dept. once a month or so and she could get a full days work in.

This is what Sharon looked like after….yeah, she’d probably crap her britches if she knew I put her on here.  Don’t tell her, mmmk?  She sure looks purty doesn’t she?

Cheryl is the best hairdo gal around.  Not only does she fix a person’s hair purty, she’s so beautfully, wonderfully twisted. 

Speaking of twisted, I wish I could tell y’all the absolutely funniest funny I made down’t the Beauty Shop today.  Lordy, I about had that room full of women wishing they’da worn their Depends to get their hair did.  Sometimes I amuse myself so.  It was probably one of those GYHTBT moments but dang…I had the henhouse a’cacklin’.

And was it not just the prettiest day ever in Nashville today?  I had to go Downtown this morning on official, State bidness about 9:00 and it was so perfect outside, me and Jan were both wishing we could just skip out of work and go for a walk or something. 

I didn’t do that, but, we did do lunch at Logan’s and sat outside.  Didn’t none of us want to go back.  I didn’t have no ice cream, neither.  We did have incredibly slow service though, which was really ok cause it was nice out. 

Our waitress, cute as a bug, but, overkilt it with the “Baby’s”, “Honey’s”, “Sweetie’s”….it was almost like she was having a contest with herself to see just how many terms of endearment she could regurgitate.  I mean, yeah…I’m sweet as sugah and all that, but, you don’t have to remind me.  I like sweet little terms like that as much as anybody.  I guess Pretty Waitress was just a’tryin’ too hard.

Thank the good Lawd and NBC for airing The Best of Chris Farley tonight…

How much does it suck that Chris isn’t still around?

I attempted to watch No Country For Old Men last night.  I think I made it, maybe 90 seconds.  I saw that guy with the bad haircut who won the Oscar strangle the cute sheriff’s deputy with handcuffs and he was about to knock somebody else off and decided perhaps this was not the movie for me.  Back into the red envelope and skrait into the mailbox that sucker went.  I don’t recall ever doing that with a movie. 

Except that time years ago when the Basketball Coach didn’t want to see Beaches with me and we went to see Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and he didn’t like that either so we went into see Beaches anyway. (I think it was the third time I saw that.)  Heh.  I thought I was really cute “winning” that argument.

I Smell Doughnuts


Way back in the goodle days, before there was a 440, to get to the Nashville airport from Brentwood, we had to take 65 to Thompson Lane and go that way to the airport. 

When I was a small kid, my dad made fairly frequent trips to the airport as a passenger and because he would often mail his radio show tapes out from the main post office there next to the old terminal.  It was not unusual to go late at night on those Post Office runs.

The ultimate treat back then was the times we got to stop at the old, Krispy Kreme place there on the corner of Thompson Lane and Nolensville Rd.  Of course, you get to the KK AFTER you’ve gone through that old, narrow tunnel and honked…

I never go to that part of town anymore, but, happened to be over that way Friday night.  I was glad to see they kept the old sign when they built the new building.  That sight right there gives me the warm fuzzies.

I always wanted to play in that cool park there across the street.  We’d pass there and I would think that would be the COOLEST playground to play on.  I never once went through that slide with the tunnel or rode that merry-go-round.  Deprived child.

And Because I Care…

Listen to your Sista…

Stay away from Amberjack.  Unless you want to be really, really sickly….stay away from it.  Y’hear?

That is all.



I Tried…And I Tried…

I don’t understand the love affair people have with Panera.  I have one practically in my backyard.  I’ve eaten at it once since it was built.  I found it very mediocre.

Today, my co-workers wanted to go there.  “Oh it’s my favorite place to eat” said They.    Ok, so maybe I was wrong and that one time I was there was an off day. I will give it another shot.


I don’t get it.   I’m not hard to please with food.  The Chicken Salad was, at best, mediocre.  I’ve had the soup in the bread bowl and I found it sorta nasty-ish. 

What is it that I’m missing here?  It must be the same, tragically unhipness thing I have that causes me to miss what’s so great about Starbucks.  I do like the atmosphere at Starbucks.  I like the Frappacino’s (on occasion) but coffee-wise?  Give me Folger’s anyday over that stuff that never fails to leave an after-taste with me.

I tried, people…I really tried. I am hopeless in the Hip Department, I’m ‘fraid.

I Smell Cake

I went off and forgot to put mascara on this morning.  Can you believe that? I feel nekkid.  I bet nobody else knows this but me.  It’s bothersome.

I did get over the mascara-less Sista when I got to work and Co-Worker Karen had made me this in honor of my birthday:


Homemade from scratch…Strawberry Cake.  It was to die for.  

Who needs long, full eyelashes when you have this? 


Twisted Sista

It is 27 degrees outside. 

Why then…did I just now go to Sonic and get a Butterfinger Blast for lunch?  I treat myself to one of those maybe once or twice a year and never when it’s 27 degrees.  What is up with that?

It could be cause I just came from the Shrink’s office. Interesting discussion about past traumatic experiences and how we process them and how they can affect us forever.  I like my Shrink.  Nice feller who is very smart.  I told him he should go into Psychiatry for a living.  Hee. Funny Sista. 

Usually, I go in his office and say “yeah, the Adderall is good” and I’m in and out in a few minutes.  Today, I actually gave him some work to do.  Course, I was still probably the easiest case he’ll see today. 

I’m just glad I’m not nuts and the Shrink didn’t recommend committal or nothing.

Maybe that explains the Sonic Blast. I dunno. 

 It’s an awfully good Sonic Blast, I must say.

Oh, Aunt Bee

Y’all have to go look at this.  It’s Mr. Smiff and them live and in the flesh on the Mayberry’s Finest website.  You can even see the Mayberry-Mobile.  Please note the expression on Mr. Smiff’s face when the video stops.  It cracks me right on up.

Incidentally, Mayberry’s Finest products are in some grocery stores now.  Be looking for it and try it.  I hear the collard greens are really good. 


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