I’ve been reading some blogs a lot lately, especially Neil Orne’s, and thinking “I need a blog” and low and behold, I have one now. You may or may not find my thoughts interesting or worth reading, but, some of us have the need to ramble our thoughts out for no real reason, other than, we just have to. So here is mine.

I was riveted by all the goings on in Atlanta Friday and Saturday. Obviously, incredibly tragic, but, at the same time, that sicko part of me sees it as the ultimate Hitchcockesque, suspense thriller. How in the world did Brian Nichols shoot the judge, court reporter, deputies, then carjack the newspaper reporter and then mozie out of the garage onto the MARTA???? That blows my mind. Nobody has mentioned just where was Brian all day Friday? The shootings were at 9 or so and then they said he mugged some people late Friday night, killed the ICE Agent and then ran upon Ashley Smith (who, by the way, is my new hero). Where was he all day in between times? That will be interesting to find out. I hope Ashley Smith makes a ton of $$$ from this experience, having already experienced a tragedy in her life and being a single mom. When I heard the ICE agent’s name was David Wilhelm, it scared me because I went to junior high and part of high school with a David Wilhelm…turns out it was not him.

I am trying to begin a running program. I have always wanted to be a runner. Even back when I was a kid and running became a fad and a group of neighborhood ladies started running around the block and were regular participants in the Bonne Bell Run for ladies (gosh, that’s going back a few years!) I have always admired the physiques of those who run and they say it’s addicting, once you get into it. I tried it years ago when I was a teenager but hurt my ankle pretty badly so I never attempted it seriously again. So here in my mid 30’s and still carrying the baby weight that I would really like to get rid of and never see, I am trying again. (The “baby” is in First Grade now….that excuse is past lame) Can I ever have a cute figure like Peggy McNamee, Janice Dukes and Kathy Little had, and still have, I’m sure???? (The neighborhood ladies from Hallbrook who were my first running inspiration, if you will.) I’m a’gonna try. Doing the Couch to 5K program on Cool Running.com which is supposed to, if you follow it, have you running 3 miles in something like 9 weeks. I tell that here, hoping for some accountability.

Today is quite an auspicious date in history, for me anyway…March 14, 1965, one Barbara Sullivan married the dashing DJ, Biff Collie. They both finally got it right after other tries at marriage and they made a spectacular couple. I know if Dad were still around, he would agree that probably the best thing that happened to him was the day the lovely Barbara spotted him on a Long Beach street and recognized him from his appearances on “Town Hall Party.”

A beautiful blue sky hanging over downtown Nashville right now…makes me wish I were outside.