Good Lord and Johnny Cash….I haven’t posted anything here since April and here it is..December 17. So much for blogging.

So Christmas Eve is a mere week away, and I am nowhere close to being ready for it. Money’s been on the tight side so this year it’s going to be one of those years we learn the “Real Meaning of Christmas.” There is one present under the tree at this moment, and usually by now there are tons of them. Earlier in my mothering career, I would have been more upset by that, but, I’m really not this year. Why? Last year, I busted my ass trying to make it all perfect for everybody. I shopped til I was blue in the face. Christmas morning, my daughter was disappointed she didn’t get as big of a stereo/cd player that her brother got (never mind she got a buttload of presents) then to top it all off, my husband got me NOTHING. I mean, NOTHING. Christmas Eve at 5:30 pm, he says “Lets go get your present.” So we go to Radio Shack and they were already closed.

Call me crazy, but, I felt like he could have made a little effort before then. We have a Target that is exactly ONE mile from our driveway and a Kohl’s next door to that. So it’s not like it would have been hard. After last year, I was so mad at the lack of gratitude on everyone’s part, I said that this year everybody was getting one or two things. So, they are.

Gift giving has gotten out of hand anyway. It’s the season to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who came to earth for the sole purpose of dying for our sins. It’s not about draining your bank account and Mom’s nerves being shot.