The kids were quite pleased with what Santa brought. The older two are hip to the Santa thing but he surprised them with their own computers. The soon to be 14 year old is learning that once you get to be his age, you get more stuff you need than what you want. Welcome to being older! Trevor (7 year old) was thrilled with his new guitar. Strum strum strum. I’ll be glad when he learns something on it and I’m hoping he doesn’t mess with the tuning things and pop the strings off. He announced yesterday afternoon that this was “The best Christmas ever.”

We did a lot of nothing all day yesterday. I took a couple naps and we ate Christmas dinner at the China Buffet. I finally watched all of “A Christmas Story” (yes, I know TBS ran it for 24 hours but I never got to see the whole thing) late on video. I found a little piece of trivia that I can’t believe got by me….Peter Billingsley, who played “Ralphie” has a small role in another of my favorite Christmastime movies, “Elf”…he plays the supervisor elf. Now that I know that, of COURSE it’s Ralphie.

I can’t believe the “Nun Bun” has been stolen. On Christmas day, of all things!

We’re doing Christmas with my mother and sister today. Sister and family live in Knoxville. They have a new puppy..Dixie, the cockapoo. Can’t wait to meet her.