“Mom, the year is almost over!” Those were the words of my 7 year old son just a few minutes ago. The kid is obsessed with calendars. Loves them. I’m not sure what the allure is for him in the pages. It’s not the pictures, but, the actual days. He loves to mark them off. If a calendar comes within his sight, it’s his. A cousin of mine from Hawaii sent me a lovely calendar, like she did last year and I used it in my office all year. Trevor found the 2006 calendar and I’m pretty sure I’ll never see it again.

We were at the funeral home a couple weeks back for the visitation of a dear lady we used to go to church with. On a table in the foyer, they have their complimentary calendars. You’d have thought Trevor had found a $100 bill on the floor. “A CALENDAR!!!” Sometimes I wonder from whence this child has come from. He’s an original, for sure.

I saw my new quarters today. Pleasantly surprised to see I have a window. (Windows are few and far between at Lifeway, even more so for peons such as myself). It’s a cubicle, but, an office sort of cube, overlooking scenic 9th Avenue North, the North Wing and a smidgen of the visitor parking lot. Currently, I can gaze out my window and see the Southern Baptist Convention building and have a great earshot of sirens. Today, I saw a couple fighter jets fly over from the Music City Bowl, but, I digress…I was told that they had to relocate someone from this nice little office-ly type cube to somewhere else for me and that she was not happy. GREAT! Love that I’ve already pissed somebody off and I’m not even there yet. That’s just FAB-ulous. I feel good about the move, however, the new boss certainly has a ton to live up to.

My boss that I’ve had for two years, David, is the ultimate in bosses. After all the crappy bosses I’ve had in my working career (geez, this year will be 20 years I’ve been in the workworld) David made up for it. I earned him. NB (New Boss) should be good, although I’m a little nervous about training a new one. Har har.

A memorial service was held at work today for a lovely young woman I did not know well, but, had worked with a little. Killed in a car accident on her way home for the holidays. Every parents nightmare come true right there. They played a beautiful tribute dvd that had been put together with a ton of photos and video of her and there were quite a lot of people there, for it to be a holiday week. That speaks volumes of her life right there. We should all leave such a mark.