I was in what was then known as Westside Hospital (currently The Women’s Hospital at Centennial) all hooked up to iv’s, waiting for the appearance of my first baby. I remember thinking when I was pushing that “I will never do this again.” HA! Did it two more times. I remember the epidural administration was quite traumatic, but, I was thankful for it, and feeling like I was squeezing out something as wide as a watermelon. I’ll never forget the look on Terry’s face when he looked over to catch the first sight of our little son…a cross between laughing, crying and total bewilderment. Little Tyler Thomas made his way into the world and I was quite happy of my accomplishment.

Tyler was the best baby. Started sleeping all night at 3 weeks old and was the best natured little guy. He was a dream baby. Certainly a gift and diversion from the fact that my father was dying of cancer and quite a blessing that he was able to see the next generation of his family begin. He died on February 19 and we can always gauge how long Dad has been gone exactly by how old Tyler is.

That little baby has grown to about 6 feet already, 180 lbs and size 13 feet. A mop of naturally curly hair adorns his head and he is gifted with the ability to make good grades without ever cracking a book. He has a great, twisted sense of humor and has never been suspended for smarting off to a teacher. He likes to go to church and he is a gifted little writer. He’s always been interested in weather and meteorology and the fact that he inherited his grandfather’s beautiful broadcasting voice, I would not be surprised if he someday makes his living in television news, either as a meteorologist or journalist. I’m quite proud of my oldest baby.

Happy Birthday dear Tyler.