Hard to believe Elvis would’ve been 71 years old today. Reckon what he’d have been like at 71? Say, he’d gotten a clue and gotten clean….I kinda think he’d be enjoying his rightful place as Elder Statesman of the music world.

Opinions and theories abound about The King, but, as for me, I wish he were still around.

Elvis is still everywhere though. The other night, we rented “The Outsiders” from Netflix. They have revamped the soundtrack and added something like 22 minutes of edited footage (that they should’ve left in to begin with) and the majority of the music they added was that of Elvis. Gospel numbers, the original cut of “Mystery Train”….ordinarily, I’d be praising it but for me, it made the soundtrack too busy and cluttered. The parts that were dramatic were somewhat muddled.

I loved this movie when it came out when I was in 8th grade. I saw that thing about 7 times in the theater. The “Greasers” photos plastered my wall. 20 something years later, its an “ok” movie, but, I’m amazed at my memory of minute details of that movie. I loved it.

Matt Dillion is still around, Tom Cruise, unfortunately, is still around; where the heck is Patrick Swayze???? Rob Lowe is perhaps, one of the most beautiful people ever born; I saw C. Thomas Howell aka “Ponyboy” on an episode of ER a month or so ago and my word…..he looks like somebody’s Paw Paw now. What happened to him?!?!? He’s not a bad actor but he looks RUFF….Where’s Ralph Macchio? Haven’t seen him since he was one of the YOOTS in “My Cousin Vinny.” Sheesh…everyone of these mentioned greasers are middle aged….does that mean I am, too???