Once again, we were heathens today.

Why has my cat taken to licking plastic bags…plastic bags ala Wal Mart????? I don’t like the cats. I just don’t. I have them because #1 son and his daddy have an affinity for them. They get on my last nerve. I like Emily the cat better than Crystal. Emily is kinda like a dog.

I love dogs. I have three of them. Chelsea, the 2 year old mix of all sorts who is the only puppy I’ve ever had or ever heard of that learned to potty train in a day; Bogie (official registered name Bogart Van Bam Bam) the three year old miniature dachshund who reminds me of a British butler; and Chloe the poodle/pomeranian mix who will be 15 in March. Chloe is terribly arthritic, has congestive heart failure, a bit on the senile side and doesn’t see or hear well UNLESS it’s dinnertime. She doesn’t think the other dogs should be allowed to eat and she and Chelsea have this game where when Chelsea wants to piss Chloe off she gets in her face so Chloe will bark and act like she’s going to kill her. Chelsea loves it. Tail a’waggin all the while and I swear I think she’s laughing.

Bogie likes to bark at every sound he hears. I know when Bogie’s barking, it’s nothing but a kid walking by or maybe he hears a car somewhere down the street. Now, when Chelsea joins him in barking, I know there’s a reason. Chloe, being the old, senile lady she is, usually starts barking about 15 minutes later. No joke.

Every year, I say “Chloe probably won’t make it through the year” but she’s still here. Her appetite is good and she loves her position as Alpha Female. I know the day will come, sooner more than later, that we’ll wake up one day and know it’s time. It will be a sad day. I’ve had Chloe longer than I’ve had my kids. She has lived with us at every abode we’ve lived in during our marriage. She knew my father, who has been dead for 14 years. She’s a great little companion. The only time she’s ever had anything wrong with her was a couple Halloweens back, #2 son left his chocolate candy all over the place and she dug in. Nearly killed her but she recovered. Until her day comes, she’ll continue to entertain us and love us (especially me).