It appears I’m the only one in my office this morning. Obviously, the BLIZZARD that hit Music City last night has kept them all in. Wimps.

To listen to the morning news people, one would’ve thought the roads were simply impassable and treacherous. This is not true. It took me less time this morning to get from Hendersonville to Downtown than it usually does and that included stopping for gas. Go figya.

Smiff Children were happy dancing last I heard before I went to sleep. As adults, we forget how meaningful snow days are. I guess that’s because we don’t get them anymore. One of the crappy things about being a snowdays. Well, you can take a snow day off but somehow, it’s not as fun. Especially for me because if I had taken today off, it’s not like I’d have been able to enjoy a restful day of slumber and relaxation. I figure I get more rest here at work. People laugh when I say that but the moms out there know how true that can be. If I were home, I’d be washing clothes, breaking up an argument, picking up somebody else’s mess and I certainly wouldn’t get my pick of what tv show to watch (out of the 5 tv’s in the house, mind you.