My nine year old nephew, Payton, provided me and some other people with a laugh yesterday. I don’t think it was quite so funny to his parents. Got a note from his mother, my sister:

“His homework folder comes home yesterday with all his work from the week
before. All his papers and tests. On top is a note that he made the honor
roll last 6 weeks. So I was just gushing all over him about that.

Then I get to a paper where she apparently had them read a story and write 3
or 4 lines about it. He wrote it in cursive and his handwriting was great.
Then I read the story. It was about a spider who was apparently very mean.
The story said (I’m paraphrasing)

“He was a selfish, dirty, rotten food eating F… headed jerk. He was mean
to everyone And did I mention that he was a F…? Oh yea, I did.”

Didn’t spell out the bad word but put “F…”

I about died. Asked him what that stood for. He said “I cant tell you –
it’s bad”. I said “Payton do you know what that word means? He said no. I
said “That is the nastiest word anyone can say” I think he thought it meant
stupid or dumb. I asked who taught him that word and he said “Kevin”.

My son used the F word in his homework!!!”

Kinda reminds me of my favorite movie “Coal Miners Daughter” where Loretta says the word “horny” live on the radio. She thought it meant “cuttin’ up and actin’ silly”.

Two shockers yesterday. Ok, maybe one. Found out a long time employee where I work (totally upstanding in his moral character, or so they thought) is no longer an employee here due to an inappropriate relationship with a younger employee.

I understand the mid life crisis thing. I just hope it was worth losing his job of 20 something years and probably losing his wife.

Shocker #2…Leif Garrett arrested in LA. NO! Say it aint so. How come ol Leif hasn’t turned up on the Surreal World Yet?