#2 Son is 7 years old. He told me last night on his way to bed that he was going to wake at 5:59 a.m. this monring because his show comes on at 6. No idea what his show is, but I would wager it comes on Cartoon Network. (Just found out it’s Ed, Edd and Eddy.”)

#2 also has a new imaginary friend. It’s a different kind of imaginary friend because #2 is a different sort of kid and this imaginary friend is not totally invisible. It’s a piece of wood that he’s drawn a face on and his name is “Plank”. Best I can understand, they have something similar on “Ed”.

#2 and Plank just ate their Frosted Cheerios and he asked if Plank could come to church with us. I guess if Plank is under conviction by the Holy Spirt, we’ll just take him along.