Most of the extended Smiff Clan went to Sunday lunch after church today. Eating out with Mother In Law Smiff is a serious matter. It’s more than just grabbing a bite to eat. Being she’s something of a well known Southern cook extraordinaire food is a big deal.

So anyway, we all agreed to go to Logan’s, since they had not been graced with our presence in awhile. We decided to call ahead and my wise acre, but quite humorous 19 year old nephew, Jeremy made the call. When they asked for the name of the party, he told them to expect “The Git R Dones” in about 15 minutes.

The Git R Dones arrived and Princess Daughter thought we were kidding about our pseudonym. When she found out we were serious, of course, being 12, she was mortified. She kept holding her ears everytime they’d go to call a name. Finally, the hostess announced over the microphone “Git R Done, party of 7” and the best part she said it like our hero, Larry the Cable Guy would. The Princess was not at all amused when I answered with a “yee haw.”

Now, I understand why my father used to enjoy embarassing us so long ago. It’s quite fun.