My pal Eric McLemore says God lives in Williamson County. I think this is true. On News Channel 5+, they have their own show, they have their own section of the Tennessean and it appears to be where lots of people want to live.

The aforementioned theory of God’s residence was confirmed to me last night while watching the news on Channel 2.

Forest Hills Baptist Church sits on the corner of Old Hickory Blvd. and Hillsboro Rd., where it has sat since it was started in about 1959 or 60. The original home of the church was in a house on the corner across the street. (I believe the house is still there, now a private home). Ground was broken on the current sanctuary in October of 1978. Technically, Forest Hills Baptist Church is on the Davidson County side, but the Williamson County line is a hop, skip and a jump away from the church property and a lot of the church’s members live there.

The steeple was in dire need of some repair work and a paint job so the church had a company take it down, fix ‘er up and put it back. A snafu of biblical proportions ocurred though when the company hired to fix it painted it (gasp!) white instead of the beige on the church trim. There seems to be a disagreement on whether to keep it white or have them repaint it.

A disagreement over a church steeple is news?!?!?! It shows to go you that anything that happens in Williamson County is news because God DOES live there.

I can laugh about this because Forest Hills Baptist Church is the church I attended (as did my philosophical friend Eric) and was a member of from the time I was 6 years old until I married and moved to the other side of town. I was baptized there, married there, and I put the only known graffiti on the bathroom walls there when I was about 7 when during a service, I went to the restroom and had this uncontrollable urge to write on the bathroom wall. I knew I couldn’t (and wouldn’t have anyway) written anything nasty so I wrote “Jesus” on the Kotex box. The last time I looked, in about 1995, my own brand of witness was still there, in all its glory on the holy Kotex dispenser.