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RIP Natalie Maines

So Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks is telling us she is “done” with country music..she never liked it anyway, even though it made her a star, gave her opportunities that most people will never have and not to mention a wealthy woman, because of the backlash for her infamous comment regarding her fellow Texan, President George W. Bush.

Alls I have to say about that is this….I just hope she someday doesn’t find herself in a situation where she needs country music to make a living. Say, she has a shady business manager who invests a lot of her money in some sort of bad real estate deal or forgets to make sure the IRS gets their yearly contribution from her. Or, if she actually matures and realizes if it weren’t for country music, she would probably be slinging hash in a greasy spoon in Lubbock and she wants to give twang a stab again. I don’t know that country fans will be forgiving about this latest bout she’s having with diarrhea of the mouth.

Country music fans are probably the most loyal in the entertainment world. They are wrongly made fun of (especially by Nashvillians every June) but they will stick with “their” artist through thick and thin and through brilliance and crap (think Chris Gaines). They make it possible for artists to make a living until they either drop dead onstage or have to be wheeled out by their nurse.

I think a majority of country fans had forgiven Natalie for her lack of articulation and elegance of speech but denouncing the music, like she has done…I do believe she has just dug her own Music City grave, for real this time.

Missing the Two Sexiest Fat Men Alive

Are Rick and Bubba ever coming back on the air in Nashville?!?!?!

Sure, I can listen to them online but it’s not the same as in the car. Somebody, PLEASE bring them back. Nashville needs Bucky Beaver, Dicky Nadmire, Speedy, Don Juan and all the gang. COME ON RADIO PEOPLE!!