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Snow Day….For Some

It appears I’m the only one in my office this morning. Obviously, the BLIZZARD that hit Music City last night has kept them all in. Wimps.

To listen to the morning news people, one would’ve thought the roads were simply impassable and treacherous. This is not true. It took me less time this morning to get from Hendersonville to Downtown than it usually does and that included stopping for gas. Go figya.

Smiff Children were happy dancing last I heard before I went to sleep. As adults, we forget how meaningful snow days are. I guess that’s because we don’t get them anymore. One of the crappy things about being a snowdays. Well, you can take a snow day off but somehow, it’s not as fun. Especially for me because if I had taken today off, it’s not like I’d have been able to enjoy a restful day of slumber and relaxation. I figure I get more rest here at work. People laugh when I say that but the moms out there know how true that can be. If I were home, I’d be washing clothes, breaking up an argument, picking up somebody else’s mess and I certainly wouldn’t get my pick of what tv show to watch (out of the 5 tv’s in the house, mind you.

Al "Waaaaaaaa" Gore

I really dislike Al Gore. Not because of his politics, but since he lost the 2000 election, he has turned into a whiny, ninny baby. Everytime he shows up on something, he has this whiny tone to his voice. I’m going to have to say to him what I say to my 7 year old “I can’t hear you when you’re whining. If you’ll stop whining, I’ll listen to what you have to say.”

I wish Al Gore and Naomi Judd would just, like, go away so we’d never see them again. I don’t wish any harm to them, but if they’d just go off somewhere and not turn up on television, I’d be very happy. There’s a whole other list of public personas I wish would do the same. I’ll have to collect them and post later.

Golden Globes/Walk The Line

I haven’t been watching the awards all night. I saw a little the first half hour, went to run and just saw “Walk The Line” win Best musical movie. I’m tickled to see a movie about two of my favorite musicians/personalities win so many awards. I’m even MORE tickled to see that Geena Davis has back fat!!!!! I could beat her in a back fat contest any day, however, I’m glad to see she has it. They need more back fat in Hollywood. The world would be a better place.

I’m still kinda amazed that everybody’s raving over Reese Witherspoon as June Carter Cash. Granted, I think Reese (we’re on a first name basis, being she’s a hometown girl and all) is adorable. I love her in “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Legally Blonde”, etc. Her portrayal of June is kinda like those characters though. June had a certain edge to her that I don’t think Reese had a clue about. Come on, she went to Harpeth Hall. Harpeth Hall is a long way from the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, even though they are int he same town. Yeah, yeah, I know she studied, talked to people, etc. but I felt like I was watching Reese Witherspoon with her hair colored. She played a nice role and all, but, as a huge June Carter fan, I don’t think she came close to capturing her. I think Holly Hunter could’ve nailed it. Good for Reese for getting the approval of the Hollywood Foreign Press, though. She’s worked hard. I’m just a bit unobjective when it comes to June Carter. She was something of a hero of mine.

Joaquin, on the other hand, was perfect to play Cash. He has the intensity in his eyes, life experiences in pulling off the most complex, unique character that was Johnny Cash.

Read both of the Cash autobiographies, “Man In Black” and “Cash, An Autobiography” and while you’re at it, read both of June’s books “Among My Klediments” and “From My Heart.” All are great reads. Fascinating people, the Cashes…I miss them.

Let It Snow

The weatherman said the 4 letter word that to some, is equivalent to an obscenity…SNOW. To me, it is a glorious word and I wish we’d get a foot of it. I’m not holding my breath, but I can dream.

We don’t get snow in Nashville like we used to get. When I was a kid, there were a couple school years where we missed practically the whole month of January. When I was in 2nd and 3rd grade (yes, many moons ago) they had to tack on 30 minutes at the end of the schoolday so we’d get a summer break. I don’t necessarily dream of a white January to that extent, in fact, the thought of my kids being out of school that long causes me to go into the shakes.

All I want is a good 9-12 incher, maybe one day out of work. Heck, I’m willing to sacrifice a vacation day for it. Too bad that work can’t call for a snow day and the Sumner County schools to go to school as normal.


Once again, we were heathens today.

Why has my cat taken to licking plastic bags…plastic bags ala Wal Mart????? I don’t like the cats. I just don’t. I have them because #1 son and his daddy have an affinity for them. They get on my last nerve. I like Emily the cat better than Crystal. Emily is kinda like a dog.

I love dogs. I have three of them. Chelsea, the 2 year old mix of all sorts who is the only puppy I’ve ever had or ever heard of that learned to potty train in a day; Bogie (official registered name Bogart Van Bam Bam) the three year old miniature dachshund who reminds me of a British butler; and Chloe the poodle/pomeranian mix who will be 15 in March. Chloe is terribly arthritic, has congestive heart failure, a bit on the senile side and doesn’t see or hear well UNLESS it’s dinnertime. She doesn’t think the other dogs should be allowed to eat and she and Chelsea have this game where when Chelsea wants to piss Chloe off she gets in her face so Chloe will bark and act like she’s going to kill her. Chelsea loves it. Tail a’waggin all the while and I swear I think she’s laughing.

Bogie likes to bark at every sound he hears. I know when Bogie’s barking, it’s nothing but a kid walking by or maybe he hears a car somewhere down the street. Now, when Chelsea joins him in barking, I know there’s a reason. Chloe, being the old, senile lady she is, usually starts barking about 15 minutes later. No joke.

Every year, I say “Chloe probably won’t make it through the year” but she’s still here. Her appetite is good and she loves her position as Alpha Female. I know the day will come, sooner more than later, that we’ll wake up one day and know it’s time. It will be a sad day. I’ve had Chloe longer than I’ve had my kids. She has lived with us at every abode we’ve lived in during our marriage. She knew my father, who has been dead for 14 years. She’s a great little companion. The only time she’s ever had anything wrong with her was a couple Halloweens back, #2 son left his chocolate candy all over the place and she dug in. Nearly killed her but she recovered. Until her day comes, she’ll continue to entertain us and love us (especially me).

Hair and Eyebrows

Back from the salon and all I have to say is “ahhhhhhhhhh.” Amazing how a cut and color can not only revitalize your head but your insides as well.

I was way overdue for a color. When I say “way overdue”, please believe me. The front half of my hair is gray. Not solid, Emmylou white, but the sides are really white and salt and peppery from the front to the crown. The back is still pretty dark. If the sides weren’t so white, I’d let it go. If I were to let it go, I’d resemble Bill Monroe in later years with his thick sideburns. As it is, however, it must be colored.

The whole gray hair thing has been sorta traumatizing. I don’t stay up nights pining for my just-about-black shade that God gave me, but, like most other things in life, I did not appreciate the richness of my color until it was too far gone. I feel like at almost 37, I should still have dark, dark hair. Dark, shiny and bouncy like it was 10 years ago. Since that is not possible, without the aid of chemicals, I go to the salon and have a professional deal with it for me.

I’ve tried doing it myself but will inevitably miss spots and the store bought stuff just doesn’t cover it up. You can tell the difference between a do it yourself and a pro job. I found the wonderful Samantha at Nashville’s SalonFX some months ago and she does a great job.

I was so overdue for a trip to Sam’s because money has been tight, especially with Christmas. The gray roots had surpassed the root stage and appeared as though I was trying to grow it out. So much so, #1 son laughed at my gray hair recently. I told him to hush because the reason I had gray roots screaming “Howdy” to everybody I meet was so he could have Christmas.

My friend Sherian is always giddy on days she’s going to get her hair done and I’ve always thought it was funny until this week, I found myself looking forward to today. Samantha did not disappoint and she highlighted, colored, cut and styled my mop and I’m feeling almost pretty tonight. Not only did the hair get done, but I splurged and had my eyebrows waxed and Sam gave those babies a color job too. When it comes to eyebrows, Brooke Shields has NOTHING on me.

Hair’s fixed and I’m hoping I don’t smush it while I slumber tonight so I can enjoy the benefits of Sam, somewhat tomorrow. I can NEVER make it look like she does. When I win the powerball, I’m going to have it done every single day. Maybe Sam will come work for me and be my personal stylist.

SalonFX is a little more pricey than most places I’ve traded with through the years. It’s in the heart of a trendy part of Nashville, near Music Row. All the stylists that work there are extremely hip, most of them tatooed, pierced and they all wear black and white. Some of the chicks that work there wear stiletto heels and I’m mesmerized by how they can stand on their feet all day wearing those things. There are a few cuter than cute type girls in there and the guys that work there aren’t your stereotypical male hairdressers. They have a woman in there who does nothing but wax all day. She waxes women, men, God only knows where on their bodies.

SalonFX is a fascinating place to people watch. One day, I saw both Bart Durham and Vice Mayor Gentry in there. Surreal seeing Nashville’s most famous tv lawyer getting his hair washed. Doesn’t compare with the time I saw Porter Wagoner getting a pedicure at my nail place in Hendersonville though.

First weigh in on Weight Watchers a bit ago and da…

First weigh in on Weight Watchers a bit ago and dangit, if I didn’t lose 4.8 lbs! Funny how when you follow the plan like you’re supposed to, drink water and exercise, weight comes off. I’ve gotten so discouraged in recent years attempting to lose weight and hitting brick walls and plateaus. I gotta hang in with this one.

I have made it back to the Y and hitting the running treadmill. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s better to run outside, but, I’m not up for running in the dark alone, dodging cars, dogs, etc. It wasn’t as hard getting back to it as I thought. I’m a little slower but it feels good to be at it again. Running does wonders for my mental health as well as the physical. Naysayers love to remind you it’s hard on the knees. Well, so is not exercising at all.

The Grascals video is up on Go watch it.