The Gumbo is done so the Super Bowl can commence.

I don’t really give a rip about football and whoever wins is who I’m for. I was not blessed with a long attention span, therefore, football is something of a mystery to me. I know who lots of the players are because Mr. Smiff is quite the football fan. If the Titans were in it, yes, I would be into it a little more and probably more caught up in the excitement.

I do associate football and Super Bowl watching a little with my dad. He took some enjoyment in watching it so I can’t help but think about many Sunday afternoons and him parked in front of the tv. He didn’t have a specific team he pulled for, he just dug watching it. He would’ve gotten a kick out of Nashville having an NFL team, I’m sure. Wish he were around today to share in the day and watch the game with his grandsons and son in law.

The REAL winners of today’s game will be my family and various in laws who have the good fortune to partake in my most excellent Gumbo. It sho do smell good.