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Love For Sale

Valentines, schmalentines….

My dad used to leave my mom notes by the coffeepot on any regular day of the year. He bought her these romantic cards and would write in them how she was the love of his life, etc. I thought when I got married, my husband would do the same thing. HA! WRONG!

Mr. Smiff is romantically retarded and he is the first to admit this. He didn’t have good role models in this area though so for that, I’ve learned to cut him some slack.

My father in law got my mother in law a bread tray for Christmas one year. Needless to say, my in laws have been divorced for about 38 years. One Christmas, he got his current wife a stepladder for Christmas. A stepladder.

Smitty’s lack of talent in the romantic area used to be bothersome to me. It hit me last night when I was at Wal Mart and seeing lots of husbands clamoring for a card and trying to grab the last piddly bouquet consisting of 2 or 3 flowers with a $20 price tag that it was all pretty stupid.

I’d much rather get some sort of surprise outing, dinner, gift than a last minute, panicked, guilted gift just because the calendar says its February 14. Not that I ever WILL get that surprise but it’s a nice thought though eh?

FLYLady Will Be Disappointed

My sink is not smiling at me this morning. says that to begin to get organized and stuff, you have to shine your sink every night before you go to bed and you’ll wake up and your sink will be smiling and so will you. I didn’t shine my sink. It has a broiler pan in it, some dishes…it ain’t smiling.