Random, ADD thoughts this morning….

Driving into work this morning, I saw something on the interstate I don’t believe I’ve ever seen. I saw a squirrel cross I-65 right before you get to the Briley Pkwy/Dickerson Rd. exit. Even nuttier (pardon the pun) the little sucker made it across!!!

Mr. Smiff had to be downtown for something pertaining to the Country Radio Seminar this morning. He left his cell phone in the van, thus, I had two cell phones on my person. I had no idea that Mr. Smiff was so attached to his cell phone. He even came by my work to get it. I think it’s something of a security blanket for him. Why then, can he not figure out how to record a message for his voicemail?

I know, or am aquainted with two people who have made it to the 44 finalists on “American Idol”….Mandisa Hundley used to work where I work and Darren Word is a friend of my nephew’s. Darren is adorable and I hope he wins.

I consumed an entire box of Girl Scout cookies yesterday (Tagalongs) by myself. I’m now working on that second box (All Abouts). I think I’ll be skipping weigh in for Weight Watchers today.

Why can’t somebody in my household, other than myself, see that the trashcan is full and needs to be emptied? I’m wondering if they are conducting an experiment to see if the trash will walk itself outside?