Ted Baxter is alive and well and living in Nashville. I know cause I saw him at the hair salong this evening. “Ted” is a tall, somewhat handsome feller and he still really, really likes himself. He was well dressed, perfectly coiffed and on the prowl.

Ted was waiting his turn and was sitting next to an attractive young woman, who was decked in foils. He struck up a conversation with her and was working the old Baxter charm. I heard enough of the conversation to hear him ask about her line of work. The exchange went something like this:

God’s Gift To Humanity: “What DOES an accountant do?”

Attractive Young Lady: “There are different types of accountants.”

Ted Baxter/Ron Burgundy: ” So, you keep track of people’s money?”

At that moment, Ted/Ron was called back for his appointment, I’m sure, much to the relief of the attractive, intelligent young lady.

Further humoring me, Anchorman was on his way back from the shampoo sink when he stopped in my mirror to take a quick peek. Thought for a minute he was going to give himself the ol’ Pistol Shoot at himself.

Reckon he plays Jazz Flute?