Lots of stuff has happened since February 19, 1992. It’s odd to think it’s been 14 years since I saw my dad. At the same time, I see him everyday, especially in my two boys. One looks exactly like him and the other acts exactly like him. Sometimes, I see him when I look in the mirror.

At church today, they sang an old hymn, “Send The Light” and on the part where the bass part echoes, I heard my dad. One of my favorite things is when we sing one of those old hymns and I can swear I hear his baritone/bass (whatever he was in the mood for).

I inherited lots of things from, namely his fair skin, his twisted, sometimes off the wall sense of humor, his Attention Deficit, his eyes, the tendency to analyze everybody and everything and other things. I think the thing I’m most grateful I inherited, or learned from him, is the importance of placing my faith in God and the importance of committing each and every day to Him.

He was a dandy.