Don’t and I repeat DON’T go to the Walk In Clinic that’s near Rivergate by Home Depot…Tennessee Urgent Care, I believe it’s called.

I take the Princess there yesterday evening because she’s been coughing and hacking and just plain not feeling good for a few days. I did not want to, but since our longtime family doctor up and retired on us we had no choice. (It would’ve taken 3 or 4 days just to get a call back from the new one).

We arrive at 5:10. There’s a pretty good roomfull of folks (actually, everybody and their redneck cousin was there). We fill out the paperwork, pay the $50 copay (say WHAT?) and wait.

They have a sign on the wall that says something about “Don’t be alarmed if somebody hasn’t been here as long as you have is called before you.” They called a few people before us and because I’m a good girl and follow directions, I was not alarmed.

They kept calling all these other people back and there we sat. Finally, after an hour and a half, I ask the girl (who we had been sitting right in front of after all this time) how much longer and she says “What’s the name?” I tell her and the nurse says “There’s no chart here.” I was determined not to pitch a fit and make a scene. The thing that got me was the lack of apology I got. It didn’t matter I had sat there that long and the receptionist had messed up and put our chart in the wrong place. I collected my $50 and we left.

I learned a couple things in the process…one, I need to grow a set of testicles and two, Tennessee Urgent Care….don’t go there unless you’re behind on your people watching.