I guess my attempt to emulate my culinary hero is all shot to hell now.

I love to cook. This does not mean I prepare a seven course meal on a nightly basis, but I enjoy playing in the kitchen and have been known to fix some pretty fabulous meals.

Last night, I was pretending to be Rachael, chopping up my little onions on my nifty Pampered Chef cutting board, about to wow my kids with one of their favorite things I make. Chopping and chopping all perky like Ms. Ray I go. I had also put some peas on the back burner of the stove. (I hate peas, my kids love them. I don’t get this but that’s another blog for another day) Cut the peas on and I’m chopping on the cutting board, which I had strategically placed on my smooth top stove. (Another great invention)

I began to wonder why the butter was not melting in the peas. I had cut the burner on? At that very second, I started to smell plastic and smoke began to rise (nice aroma). #1 Son had walked in right before and was there to witness the whole thing. He was giving me that look that 14 year old boys are so good at and I turned to him and said “Watch me Son. Watch me and learn.”

The Cheeseburger Pie turned out fabulously in spite of the cutting board snafu. I put a little Worcesteshire in mine to give it a little more flava.