BusyMom’s post today about mishead words made me think of something pretty amusing.

My dad was quite funny. Somtimes he meant to be and other times he didn’t mean to be funny. One time at Wednesday night prayer meeting at church during Prayer Request Time, he meant to be serious when he requested prayer for a medical test he was going to be having. What he MEANT to say was that he was going to be having his uvula biopsied. Instead, he asked the Prayer Warriors who had gathered, to pray for him, as he was going to be having his vulva biopsied.

Yes, he did.

After the service, Jesse Frank (who is in Heaven now and probably still not over this one) took Dad aside and mentioned to him that he did not posess a vulva because he was a male.

Another funny public prayer request was made by my cousin in lawwhen she was a little girl, asked a similar Wednesday night prayer meeting crowd, to pray for her Aunt Hazel because her bra strap was getting so tight.

God has got to have a sense of humor.