After last week’s nightmare visit to TENNESSEE URGENT CARE (remember, do not go there) I finally got the Princess into a REAL doctor’s office. Our new doctor is out Hendersonville Hospital so Friday afternoon the Princess and I went to the new place.

Friday night, the Middle School had a dance and it started at 6 and our appt. was at 4:45 so there was some panic on the Princesses part of whether she’d make it right at 6. (God forbid she be two minutes late) So she was dolled up, all ready for the dance when I took her for her appt. We musta looked ridiculous going in with her and her makeup (don’t get me started on that) and she had used the hair crimper. Of course, she felt just dandy and I’m wondering if the Nurse Practitioner lady even believed she had been feeling bad and hackin’ up a lung all week.

I had a hoot of a good time filling out the new patient paperwork and asking the Princess if she had had blood in her stools? Anal itching..things of that nature. Sometimes I amuse myself so.

Now #2 Son has what I suspect is Strep. I can’t even remember how I figured out he might be sickly and what made me decide to feel his glands. Funny, how moms just know when their kids are sick. His throat feels like he has golf balls in it. No fever and he’s happy as a lark, as usual. He had strep twice in the fall.

The sickest I have ever been was 5 years ago when I had strep. I’d never had it before and my gosh….who could think a throat could hurt that bad??? I remember when my doctor asked if I wanted a pain killer, I wanted to kiss him. It felt like somebody had struck a match and was just holding it inside my throat. It weren’t fun.