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Hear My Song, Lord

Last Wednesday, Anthony Burger died suddenly of an apparent heart attack. If you don’t know who Anthony Burger was, he was an amazing pianist, with an amazing testimony, who has been apart of Bill Gaither’s videos and tours for many years.

Now, if you’re thinking Anthony must’ve been an older guy…he wasn’t. He was 44 years old and had no history of heart problems and appeared to be in good health. You see some people who look like heart attacks…Anthony didn’t.

The Gaither Bunch was aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean when Anthony died. Anthony was in the middle of a song, in front of an audience when his time came. The story is quite chilling and is told in detail by Tori Taff, the wife of Russ Taff, on Mark Lowry’s website here.

The First Cut Is The Deepest

I’m sitting in a little meeting today with a brand new “Misses Ha-Wiggins Pad” (translated….a legal pad. Me and the old boss started calling them that. HA…so funny) Sitting there trying to be interested and I moved my hand along the side of the thing and got the most perfect, pristine and friggin painful papercut. It hurt so bad, I wanted to scream.

How is it something so small can hurt so dang bad?! And then proceed to bleed like there is no tomorrow???