Most people get really pumped when Friday rolls around. I have come to realize that anymore, it’s the thought of Friday and the weekend that’s exciting. It’s not like I get any real rest anyway. I haven’t had an exciting weekend in years. Wait…did I EVER have an exciting weekend? Every Monday, when someone will inevitably ask if I had an exciting weekend, I will answer with my usual “No, but someday I will and I will be sure to tell you about it.”

I am in bed earlier on Friday nights than I am any other night of the week. I guess after the busy week, mentally, something shuts off and I’m out by 9:00. I don’t even make it to 20/20.

Nine Fridays out of ten, Mr. Smiff is away so that means Friday mornings I have to corral #2 Son and get him to before school care BEFORE his pill melts. He’s always in a good mood but as I mentioned, he has a pill to take so before the old Concerta does its thang, I have a loud, wild hyper boy on my hands who wants to watch Ed, Edd and Eddy or go out to the trampoline or something other than get ready for school. (No joke…he was on the trampoline at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning. It’s twisted, I know).

Probably a good idea I’m not out on Fridays. My mother has been telling me since I was 16 years old to be careful because “All the drunks are out on Friday nights.” As if they aren’t out any other night or day of the week. All the drunks in town have an appointment to be out on Friday nights.

That’s about as logical as the time my sister and I were making a weekend trip to Atlanta. Mom warned us to watch out for the drunks AND to watch out for the Lesbians. According to my 70 something year old mother, who never leaves her house except for work and to buy cigarettes, Atlanta is crawling with lesbians and they are out looking for me!!!! We still wonder where that one came from. ???

I guess the real danger out there would be drunk lesbians. Yay for them. At least they’re able to stay up past 9:00 on a Friday evening.