An 18 year old SistaSmiff and June Carter Cash-CMA Awards 1987

I’ve been here before, but have to come here again…..I’m glad for Reese and I’m glad the name June Carter is out there and people will remember her more for this, but people, please understand me…Reese did not become June Carter. She thanked somebody in her acceptance speech for helping her “create” this character…thats exactly what she did. Ya’ll who never saw June except in photos, trust me on this one. She was so animated and such a wonderful character. There was one part in WTL where Reese seemed to be trying to bring some of June’s character, in the scene in the beginning where she and Johnny “meet”.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman became Truman Capote….Jamie Foxx became Ray Charles….Sissy Spacek became Loretta….I’m just not getting this. I don’t know why this bugs the far’ outta me (as June would say) but it does.

All the same…yay for Reese. She seems like good people, but I ain’t budgin’ on this one. I would lay money down that she never has attended a Grand Ole Opry performance.

Just cause your cat has kittens in the oven doesn’t make them biscuits.