I didn’t wear socks with my slip ons today. It don’t smell so great. It smells like that old portable at Franklin High School where I took Driver’s Ed. It makes me think of the curmudgeonly Economics and Driver’s Ed teacher, “B” Nelson. (There were two Bill/William Nelsons at FHS in those days. B as in “bastard”) He always said I wouldn’t amount to anything. As if he amounted to a heap himself trying to teach all of us how to balance checkbooks and to drive.

I think ol B Nelson has gone to that great portable in the sky. Thanks to him, I did not learn to balance a checkbook adequately and my memory of him is associated with smelly feet. Not exactly the way I’d want to be remembered.

This is kinda like “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” If you don’t wear socks, it will remind you of a teacher you hated….Gives a whole new meaning to A Whiff of Smiff doesn’t it?