I took a vacation day today. Just as I predicted last Friday, when it was 75 degrees and an all around gorgeous day, the day I take off is cloudy and 50 degrees.

The reason I took a day today was because Mr. Smiff and crew are singing/playing in a wedding this evening. The guy getting married is the brother of a famous singer (that we found out isn’t speaking to the groom over a tiff of some sort). Here it is 2:32 and the wedding is in 4 hours and I have nothing to wear. I’m teetering on “I’m not going”. I should be excited about a rare evening out and a nice, free dinner, but this whole not having to wear anything just puts a damper on things.

I’ve gone to try to find something but haven’t found anything that suits my liking. That’s the way it always works out for me. I HATE to shop. I especially hate shopping under pressure. All the stores have these tops that have paisleys on them (when did THEY come back and who invited them?) and it’s that horrid time of year when sleeveless seems to be everywhere. Some of us have better manners than to wear sleeveless. If I weren’t looking for something and had no money in my pocket, I’d see a million things I’d want.

We did go and surprise #2 at lunchtime. Lunchtime with second graders is always a fun and meaningful experience. We chose not to partake in the fine cuisine of the school cafeteria. I see they still serve those horrid soybean burgers and tater tots. Yuck. We opted for the Mason Jar instead.

It was hard to find #2 in the crowd of kids in the cafeteria because it was a sea of green. Every kid had green on. I mean, every kid. One kid had on a tall, green Leprechaun hat and one girl had on deely boppers with shamrocks on them.

Maybe….I should find something bright green and borrow the kid’s deely boppers for my wedding attire?