I have a Post It Note attached to my computer reminding me to send a note to Genny. It’s been there for a few weeks.

Genny is a former co-worker… a fantastic lady in her early 70’s who is one of the hippest, free spirited chicks I know. She dressed in colorful clothes, and was full of interesting stories and tales of her adventures in life.

My favorite Genny Story was how when she was in college, in the 50’s, she dated a Chinese guy. Nowadays, that’s not a big deal but at that time, in Nashville, Tennessee, for an upstanding young college co-ed, that was unheard of and took a ton of guts.

Genny’s last husband was about 20 years younger than her. She outlived him.

Genny broke her back within the last year and it really took its toll on her. She was dealing with Macular Degeneration and one of her sons has a terminal illness and is in Hospice care as we speak. She still had her sense of humor but everytime I saw her, the spark seemed less and less.

It’s too late for me to send her that note to encourage her and let her know I was thinking of her.

Genny was scheduled for eye surgery today (that she was determined to get to, come what may) and the person who was going to take her for the procedure this morning went to get her but got no answer at the door or on the phone. When they got in. they found her in her chair with the television on, her little dog by her side.

Note to self….don’t put off those promptings of getting in touch with somebody. No, my note probably wouldn’t have saved Genny’s life…but, it would sure make me feel better right now to know my pal knew how much I cared about her.