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TV Land Awards

Holy Senior Citizens, Batman!!!!

Watching the TVLand Awards and I’m just amazed at how friggin elderly some of these people are.

JJ from Good Times is much blacker than I remember him….Michael looks like somebody’s Paw Paw….Donny Osmond, caked in makeup, IS somebody’s Paw Paw….Dee from “What’s Happening” uses some sort of crutches that you can tell aren’t a temporary thing….What has happened to Billy Crystal!?!??! Sid Caesar, God love that genius, is so frail and couldn’t walk without help. Ok, so he is something like 85 so I can understand has anomaly…..Peter Brady (sans the bimbo from the Surreal Life”) has salt and pepper hair….John Amos, aka James Evans, Sr….his nose still looks like it could house a whole city….Larry Hagman looks like a wax figure from Madame Toussaud’s…..Mary Tyler Moore…whoever continues to butcher her face through plastic surgery should lose their medical license. Don’t stretch it no more. Not much left to stretch. Where was Janet Jackson?!??!?!?

The parody of “Grey’s Anatomy” was killer.

Smiff Meets American Idol

One of the best parts of being a parent is seeing bits and pieces of yourself in them.

When I was growing up, I hung out amongst country music royalty on a regular basis. I didn’t know that these people were “special” until I got older. I mean, I thought everybody’s parents had good friends who had a collection of Nudie suits and colorful cowboy boots like Carl Smith did. That was the norm. It’s been much the same for my kids, getting to meet legends (most of the time unimpressed) and do stuff like hang out backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. I used to get Dad to haul me out there when certain people would be performing.

For my kids, they’ve been to the Opry a number of times throughout their lives. Regulations are stricter now for bringing children backstage so they didn’t get to go a lot until the last couple years. When I was a kid, there were no such rules until Sonny Osborne got mad when some kid ran into his banjo neck and broke it, but, I digress.

This past weekend, the Princess Daughter made her first arrangements (on her own via her grandma) to go to the Opry when Dad was not playing. She wanted to see her hero, Carrie Underwood, and see her she did.

If she lives to be 190, she will remember meeting Carrie just as I remember the first time I met Emmylou when I was about 15. I don’t have a photograph from that first meeting but I would be I had the same scared, “I can’t believe this” look on my face that my sweet daughter has here.

There’s So Much That We Share When It’s Time We’re Aware……

I love blogs. They’re fun to read. There’s some interesting folk running around out there.

I had happened upon this blog a number of times and as somebody who attempts to run and shares the same spiritual philosophies, Steve’s blog was one of my favorites. I didn’t know until about a week or so ago, after being a semi-regular to this blog, that Steve works on my floor. I’ve only been on this floor for a couple months so now Steve is a new pal and we’ve bonded…through blogging.

Technology is so grand.