Last night we had to go to the High School for our first, I don’t know what the official name of the event was but to get the registration booklet and info for our upcoming High School Freshman.

I’m not sure how I feel about having a child that will be a Freshman this fall. It doesn’t seem possible that he has grown up this quickly but more than that, the selfish side of me is like “I just got out of high school a few years ago.” Then I remind myself that next year is my 20 year reunion.

We’re fortunate to live in an area with this beautiful, new building out in Sumner County. (Williamson County Who?????) that’s only been there a few years. They have a gajillion clubs..a food court (say what?) and it’s just an all around nice place. I’m excited for #1 Son because Lord willing, he’s about to hit what I hope will be a fantastic four year period in his life. He is already talking about where he wants to go to college and I’ve lectured him umpteen times on how on his path to college, the sliding by without studying, but still making good grades thing is probably about to come to a screeching halt and he’s going to have to commit to studying a lot if’n he wants to be able to go to the high fallutin’ school he’s talking about (Vanderbilt).

I was pretty cool about the whole idea of high school until they mentioned that this incoming Freshmen bunch will be the class of 2010. All the kids in attendance hooped and hollered but as I looked around, I was glad I was not the only parent with the lump in their throat.