An odd little moment today during lunch at Jaybird’s in Hendersonville. (Jaybird’s is a fantastic little restaurant on Stop Thirty Rd. that specializes in amazing southern cooking. You should go there.)

Jaybird’s has a couple tv’s in their establishment and one of the television’s was airing that race in Bristol. I’m not into NASCAR so I’m not sure what it’s official title is, but, Diamond Rio performed the National Anthem (and did a bangup job, I might add) and bassist/singer Dana Williams’ parents, Louise and Maurice, were sitting at the table behind us, quite proud of their boy. Louise shared she was recording it at home and I thought that’s just like a proud mom. After all these years that Diamond Rio has enjoyed a lots of success, Mom STILL records every television performance. Neat.

Also heard that at Brad Paisley’s show in Iowa last night, when he performed his current hit “When I Get Where I’m Going”, he added a photograph in the video presentation of his mentor, Buck, and then at the very end, included a photo of Buck and his beloved guitarist/harmony vocalist Don Rich (who was killed in a motorcycle wreck at the age of 34 in the 70’s) with a caption of “Together Again.” How sweet is that?