Archive for March 31st, 2006

Favorite Quote of the Day

“I love the Monkees….Did you know they were a big influence on the Beatles?”

Lloyd Christmas-Dumb and Dumber

Vacation/Sick Day

Of course, the day I plan a vacation day, I end up having The Crud that has been flying around. I had it yesterday, went to work and then Co-Worker Debbie said I had a fever and in her oh so subtle way said “Get out of here. I don’t want your funk.”

I was planning on taking #2 to The Hermitage today. He is so into Presidents. They’re calling for possible severe storms this afternoon and I’m not so sure I want to be stuck at Jackson’s Tomb during a tornado warning. So instead of delving into the history of Old Hickory, #2 and I will be getting our sore, swollen throats swabbed for Strep. Yee haw.

While I’m convalescing today, I’m watching some uplifting television. So uplifting, I’m seriously considering donating my 401K to him. I’m also catching up on my gameshows.

The word for the weekend is “streptococcus.” Ginormous pills the size of Cleveland I must ingest for ten days and waiting for that inevitable “secondary” infection that is sure to follow when taking 875 mg of augmentin. (The girls out there know exactly of which I’m speaking.)