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No Pinewood Derby!!!!!

We are bad parents. That’s all there is to it. Someday, #2 Son will probably haul us onto Dr. Phil so he can tell us how despicable we were in his upbringing.

Our church has a big Pinewood Derby sort of car race every year. It’s such a boy thing. I don’t know how racing cars teaches the young lads about the Lord, but, hey, it’s fun and boys dig it. #1 Son participated in the same activity when he was a little feller. Mr. Smiff detests making the car. They give you the body of the car, the wheels and such but you have to sand it down and put it all together yourself.

Apparently, there is some secret to getting the car at just the right weight to have a winning car. Mr. Smiff has a bit of a competitive nature in him and the times #1 raced, he was furious because he didn’t win or place. So, when we brought the car home about a month ago, we put off telling Mr. Smiff that it was coming up race time. We knew he’d be overjoyed.

So, we had about a month to prepare. Mr. Smiff has been burning up the road lately and he’s not really famous for a git r done kind of philosophy and the day of the Big Race (today) sorta, well, crept up on us. Being I was sick with strep this last weekend, I honestly forgot about it. I didn’t think about it until yesterday and #2 had also forgotten about it and has not mentioned it. Good. So, what can we do to keep him from total and utter devastation when he remembers.

#2 has been wanting to see “Ice Age 2” and talking about that the last couple weeks. Brilliant! Mr. Smiff can take him to see the movie during the time of the race. #2 even asked to speak to me while I was driving home, he was so excited about going to see the movie. “Can you come?!?!?!?” I have a long choir practice tonight to prepare for our Easter musical we’re doing Sunday so I am skipping the movie but felt such guilt when I got home and they were about to leave he really wants me to come with them.

So, they’re at the movie and I feel like Mommie Dearest. Bad Mommie Dearest. I forget about his car and don’t go see the movie with him.

Wondering how long it’s going to take #2 to realize he missed the race and bracing myself for the fallout.

Angels Sent Straight From Heaven

Fun night for my sister, the Deacon’s Wife, last night. Her two children were full of quotes and questions for her.

Her nine year old son inquired as to what a “virgin” was. That’s not really too far out. Pretty normal question for a kid that age, but, I do believe it caught her by surprise. I wish I could’ve heard her answer. This is the same kid who not long ago, tried his hand at writing.

That was soon followed up with the announcement from her soon to be 4 year old daughter that she would like a new dog and would like its name to be “Ass.”