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Tales From The Twister

Coming back to work today, hearing even more stories of survival and loss:

A guy in my company lost his home and almost lost his wife. She was home sick Friday and was sucked out of the house. Amazingly, she just had a bump on the head.

The guidance counselor at Knox Doss Middle School, David Delph, who spent Friday afternoon and way into the evening, comforting and entertaining the likes of my children, making them feel safe and secure, went home to find his home is not liveable.

Another co-worker’s aunt’s home was destroyed on Drakes Creek Rd. They say lightening doesn’t strike twice but for this family it did. Some years back, their home was struck by lightening and burned to the ground. They rebuilt on the same spot, a nice brick home, only to have it destroyed Friday.

My friend Diana and her husband Bill were sitting in their Florida room on Drakes Creek Rd. just before the storm came. They managed to get to the bottom level, not injured. They were at church yesterday and just hung onto each other the entire service.

We know about William Lee Golden from the Oak Ridge Boys’ beautiful old home on Saundersville being destroyed but his bandmate, Duane Allen, barely escaped becoming part of the debris himself. He had gone to get his grandson from school and was arriving home just as it hit his neighborhood.

The photo is by Zach Delph, taken in his neighborhood off of 109 in Gallatin.

Happy Dancing

I am just about to ingest my last Augmentin tablet, from my Strep Adventure of last week. As my friend Lois the pharmacist says….it’s diarrhea in a bottle and I’m quite glad to be bidding it adieu.

I’ve never really appreciated Diflucan until this last week or so and am quite grateful for it.