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I Could Write a Sonnet About Your Easter Bonnet….

It is with much glee and happiness that I can report, today, April 17, the day after Easter, 4 months after Christmas, green leaves on the trees…..

Mr. Smiff has taken down the Christmas/Valentines/St. Patrick’s Day/Easter Lights.

I am a redneck woman, no more. No, it’s back to the classy, uptown gal that I once was.

Don’t EVER Say This To Me Again

Finally had a chance to talk with both of our next door neighbors about exactly how close the Big Tornado came to our house last Friday. (We’re THIS close with them) I knew it came close but now just how close that sucker came to the house.

The lady to our right looked out the back window and her first thought was “What kind of birds are those?” Those birds turned out to be flying debris. Next door to the left, who is also chained to an oxygen tank saw it coming about 100 yards away, filled his tank and took cover in the tub.

Mr. Smiff is fond of saying to me, whenever tornado warnings are issued for the area, mocking the weather people, “The tornado is headed down the Vietnam Veterans Bypass, down [insert street name] for Sista Smiff!” I told him he better not EVER say that to me again because that thing just about did. His reply? “Well, the odds are against you now.” I suppose that’s probably true that the odds are quite slim that we’ll have another tornado of that magnitude come through here for awhile…..hopefully.