I think some of these big ol mega churches in the Greater Nashville area need to offer a ministry that would be most beneficial to their parishoners (as well as the heathen population) and that would be DRIVER EDUCATION. To my knowledge, there is no such bird, but, they oughta be.

Yesterday evening, I get off at the New Shackle Island exit in Hendersonville and nearly got run off the road by this big ol’ van with a woman driving and her young son in the front. I recognized her as the wife of somebody I’ve known all my life..somebody I went to church with for many years. I thought it ironic that her oversized, gas guzzling, family roadster (that nearly pushed my sensibly sized mini-van off the dang road) had this huge bumper sticker on the back that announced “I Love Jesus!”

Last September, the week after Katrina hit, I was coming down I-65 there by Trinity Lane one morning and this big trailer that had something on it how it was New Orleans bound full of relief supplies, and imblazened on the side with “Heaven’s Angels”, just about did the same thing to me as the Jesus van had done.

My shishter, Sherian, tells stories, at least once a week, of a fellow employee who can’t drive. It’s the same scenario every time she tells it and she gets furious just telling it, she tells it better than me….

“it’s always the same story. He gets over in the far, left hand lane…and then waits until the last 40/65 split (right beside the Worlds Largest Adult Bookstore) and then he swerves over. He has worked here over ten years, so he KNOWS that he has to get into the far RIGHT hand lane. Does he think that all of his pro-life and Jesus bumper stickers, give him a pass to cut people off? Does he purposely stay in that far lane, so that he is not tempted to look over at the dirty bookstore? I bet that’s it! But I don’t care what his reason is….it ticks me off. I’m ticked off, just writing to you about it! It’s like he doesn’t even check his mirrors before changing lanes. He will cut so close, that I have to stomp on my brakes. Ugh, I need a valium.”

What is it about being part of the Family of God and you not being able to drive??? I love the Lord, folks, but, thanks to Him and that ol crabby B. Nelson and Coach Danny Chapman at Franklin High School, I have good driving sense.

I suppose people think that the “God Is My Co-Pilot” license plates/stickers mean they can just put it on cruise control and He’ll glide them on in to work since they don’t have brain one when it comes to being behind the wheel of a car. God’s people can’t drive!