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More You Tube Fun

All the Sesame Street talk yesterday got me nostalgic and I wanted to see if there were videos from two of my other most favoritest kid shows.

I hit the jackpot.

I always dug th-is this.

I wish they had the one that had “It’s the plummah and I’ve come to fix the sink!”

I think this show is why I learned to read, well, when I was 4. I was such a good reader, in first grade they sent me to second grade for reading class. I quit when Mrs. Massey told me if I was too shy to read out loud (in front of the big 2nd graders) I shouldn’t be there. So, for the embarrassment she caused me, I never went back. Seems to be the story of my life.

Wish I could find some clips of “Zoom.” Now THERE was a show. I wanted nothing more than to be a Zoom kid and have the rugby shirt and make paper mache.

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday today to the mutha of mothers in law. She’s also seeing Keith Urban on the side. (Don’t tell Nicole. That might start a catfight.)  Posted by Picasa

Can You Tell Me How To Get…

Boy, this’ll make your Monday/Tuesday morning after a long weekend. Ivy, the Good and Wonderful has hooked us up with some classic Sesame Street clips.

One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life is Kermit with teeth. For some reason, that sends me into uncontrollable giggling.

I’ve always been partial to The Martians too and can do a rip-roaring imitation of them.

I always liked it, too, when Grover was doing that waiter gig.

Ernie and Bert….well, they are just the best.

And anytime the Man In Black showed up at 123 Sesame Street, it was a good day.

I wish they had the clip with the chef falling down the stairs.

How I love You Tube!

Does Barry Manilow Know You Raided His Wardrobe?

Paul Gleason died over the weekend from cancer. Those of us who were teens in the 80’s know him as the crabby principal in The Breakfast Club. A great character actor, I also loved him in Trading Places.

If you would like to see The Grascals perform here…

If you would like to see The Grascals perform here in Nashville, one opportunity you’ll have will be July 6 at the Ryman Auditorium for Martha White Bluegrass Night. Tickets are on sale here now.

I bet the tickets will go fairly quickly cause some guy named Vince is closing for them.

In The Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening….

Praise the Lord and pass the Freon. We have Air Conditioning at the Smiff House again! Seems the ol A/C had frozen up. I hated to have to shuck out $230 to have it fixed, but, at the same time, it was worth every penny.

Having no air conditioner for a number of days will cause one to lose their sense of humor and it also doesn’t make for a good hair day. I had to go out to the car this morning, after I had dried my hair, to turn the car on to cool off a minute.

In theory, I should wait a long time until I complain about being too cold again, but, chances are, within 24 hours, I will complain about something. Air conditioning is one of those things we most definitely take for granted. I know there are people starving in China and all that, but, Sista Smiff needs her air conditioning. I don’t require much in terms of material things (save getting my nails done) but I am spoiled in the realm of being too cold or too warm.

Mr. Smiff has returned home to the bosom of his family, safe and sound. He had something of a dazed, road weary look on his face upon his arrival. Everybody’s glad to have him back although he will have to be in the studio tomorrow. No matter….I’m parking it at the Y swimming pool, hoping that the pregnant woman won’t be there because she has delivered.

Heroes Proved

Just about everybody has somebody (s) in their family that made the ultimate sacrifice for our security and freedom and my bunch is no exception.

These four boys in this old newspaper clipping from The Alexandria Town Talk in 1944 are my uncles, my mom’s brothers. The article was praising the brothers for all serving overseas at the same time. How my poor grandmother slept a wink during this period, I do not know. I look at this and am just floored with how young they were, not hardly the middle aged and older men I have known.

I only knew three of them, though, because the first one on the left did not make it back from his tour of duty. He was a gunner in the Air Force and was shot down over Italy in 1944, pretty close to his 25th birthday.

The second one on the left is the only one still living. He is 84 and still travels to the get togethers his unit has. I’ve never heard him speak of his experiences in the war, which is pretty typical of war vets. He is in possession of the Purple Heart, though, which he received for his injuries. He still has shrapnel in his head.

The one on the far right suffered emotionally due to his experiences. I’ve always said that three of my uncles survived physically, but, one did not survive emotionally. The military must not have had any resources to help these young guys cope with what they saw and experienced because like a lot of other veterans, he used the bottle to numb his pain, as a result, losing his wife and young boys, never to be part of their lives again.

While I hate war and know the cost pretty close up, I also know that anything worth having is costly. Our family sacrificed much, but, I doubt, if my uncles could talk to us and if the living one would be willing to talk about it, (most of them don’t talk about the war) that they would have done it any different.

O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife.
Who more than self their country loved and mercy more than life!
America! America! May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness And every gain divine!