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Da Doo Run Run

I ran a mile then got wheezy. Not bad for not having run since January. I walked/ran for another 15 minutes.

I got a little bummed when I saw this girl who I saw back in the fall running. She’s lost a buttload of weight and was going to town. No, no….can’t do that. I’m here today…no looking back.


Day Two

Day 2 and LWC (Life Without Ciggs) is going ok. I don’t normally tell people around me when I’m quitting. I just kinda do my thing and proudly announce, after I’m through the worst of it, that I haven’t smoked in 2 weeks or whatever.

I changed that policy this morning when co-worker Robin, who is as sweet as they come and is a fellow Bee Gee lover like me started her usual morning chattah.

Co worker Robin made the comment that now that Barry Gibb lives in Hendersonville, there is finally a music personality she would care about seeing. This nearly sent me into a psycho rage and I haven’t the slightest idea why.

Then, co workers Andrea and Bonnie, who are cuter than cute girls in their early 20’s and mucho fun to work around….I had this huge urge to pop them both upside the heads, again, no reason. Probably because they neither have children, weigh about 105 lbs apiece and are just so damn cute.

Then, I realized that maybe I needed to tell them to ease up because my usual chatty, engaging, silly self was on vacation until I’m through this withdrawal. So I bared my non-smoking soul to them and they were sweet about it, but, I bet they are making fun of me behind my back!

In another week or two, I’ll be one of those uppity, self-righteous ex-smokers who gags at the mere thought of ciggarette smoke.