This morning, I attended First Baptist Church, Nashville, at the invitation of my good pal, Bob. (Everybody should have a pal named “Bob”, don’t you agree?) They were doing a special music program this morning and it was really wonderful. They have a HUGE choir and I think every singer in the choir has a music degree. It was that tight, vocally. They also had the Nashville String Machine backing them up. Anytime Kris Wilkinson and those string players show up and play, it’s a good thing for the ears.

FBC Nashville has very RED carpet and are probably the only big Baptist church in Nashville that has no screens and still uses hymnals. I amused myself at how inept I’ve become the last 5 years at using a hymnal. Also, if you go to FBC Nashville to visit, do NOT say “amen”, clap after a musical offering and by all means, do NOT raise your hands in praise. I got the feeling they would probably escort you out if you did so.

I’m not dawgin’ them…FBC is a great church. I’m glad there are still some large churches around who do the traditional thing. Electric guitars and songs like “Trading My Sorrows” in Sunday morning worship aren’t for everybody. I am of the mind that God likes it all….traditional, blended and contemporary. Neat that we have the choice.

The most surreal thing about visiting FBC was the fact that I know a ton of people who attend there. What makes it surreal is that the people I saw there this morning, are people from just about every era of my life, from small child, school years, teen years and adulthood. I saw a girl I was in marching band with at Brentwood High School, my fifth grade teacher, somebody I knew through my father, people I know from work and people I currently go to church with in Hendersonville…all in one place.

Neat day.