The word for the day is “persnickety.”

I told Mr. Smiff earlier in the week that he is getting quite persnickety in his old age. (Just for the record, he is closer to 50 than 40…and DO note he is almost a decade older than I, his much younger wife.)

I told him he was persnickety due to the fact that when you engage in watching the Andy Griffith Show with him, every night at 10:00, you are not to speak, move the bed, lean in his line of view in any way, shape or form, or exercise any imaginable form of distraction during this time. It is a sacred time when one most show the most ultimate in reverence, especially if Ernest T. Bass or the Darlin’s are featured.

Mr. Smiff inquired what persnickety meant. I told him he was persnickety-ness personified. I don’t think he believed me that this was a word because he looked it up in a real dictionary, not an online one. (He still uses the real phonebook too.)

As I was writing this here blog, his bandmate and closest friend, the one and only Elrod, calls, as he does most every night about this time, to inform Mr. Smiff which episodes of AG are coming on. Tonight, it’s a couple good Barney ones, I’m told.