I love finding new blogs. I found Blogaritaville today and she was talking about listening to records and it reminded me of my love affair with vinyl.

I guess love of vinyl dates back to before my birth. My old man was a DJ. He was a dj back when there were such a thing as Radio Personalities, meaning he played what he wanted and he entertained people. He began radioing in the 1940’s when he was a sophomore in high school. He ended up finding his way into the Country Disc Jockey Hall of Fame and his plaque hangs downtown at the Renaissance Hotel, but, I digress. (I tend to ramble about the Old Man because he was rather swell and has been dead a long time and I miss him).

As you can imagine, Dad had a TON of records in the house. Hundreds upon hundreds. He had more, but, my mother says the movers stole his original Hank Williams, Sr. records during the move to Tennessee to California, among others. I loved the record collection and a number of his albums make up the nucleus of my own vinyl collection. I’m nuts about my little cheap MP3 player, but, those records are near and dear to my heart and although I never listen to them anymore, I could never part with them.

Which leads me to this question….what was the first record you ever had? I don’t remember the first one in my posession, however, I do remember the first 45 record I bought. I bought it at JC Penneys at 100 Oaks. It was The Carpenters “There’s A Kind of Hush” and it cost me 99 cents.

I know a lot of people who claim to read this blog…I want to see some answers from those quiet ones (as well as the reggalars). If you are too young to remember records….well…piss on ya.