Most of my dad’s family are in San Antonio, Texas. I spent most of my summer vacations in San Antonio as well as Thanksgivings. I have a plethora of memories of San Antonio and the mere mention of the town can send me into a state of grave sentimentality and cheesy with emotion.

Cousin Brad married the lovely Nicole this past weekend and his uncle, Cousin Brian, was kind enough to share photos of the event, that of course, cause I live so far away, I was not able to attend. I remember when Cousin Brad was in utero so the mere fact that he is now somebody’s husband makes me feel somewhat like I’m ready for Assisted Living.

The Groom’s mother, pictured above in pink, is the sweet Mary. She’s been married to my Cousin Wayne for so long, I forget she’s not blood kin. She has been dealing with ovarian cancer the past year and looks absolutely wonderful. This photo of Cousin Wayne sent me into teary mode. One, big day for him, but, also because he looks so much like his father, Charles, who was my father’s brother. Everybody in the family misses Charles so much. He was the family Rock, Stabilizer and was the brother with sense. Now, my dad had lots of sense and was very intelligent. He and his big brother were a lot alike, it’s just that Charles didn’t suck quite so much air out of a room…if ya know what I mean.

Do take note of my Aunt Joy. She just turned 86 years young and gets online and checks email everyday. The other ladies pictured are Nancy, married to Cousin Ron (get it, Ron & Nancy? Just like the Reagans. Heh.) Cousin Vicki and her sister Cousin Cindy. Those two think they’re all that just cause they’re 50 something and are still smokin’ hot. Psshhht…whatever. (I’m joking…they’re gorgeous)

Next is Cousin Ron and Cousin Judi. Actually, I’m more inclined to call him “Ronnie”. I’m just being nice cause I doubt anybody else in his life calls him Ronnie except me. Cousin Judi is a middle school teacher and has every known animal on her farm. She’s kinda like Noah.

Thank goodness for email and the internet so we can keep up with far away loved ones and see special days like this from afar.

Wish I coulda been there. Posted by Picasa