I bet some of ya’ll have never even heard Reba pre 1992. It is my duty to see to it that all experience the twang that was once Reba and hope against all hope that someday, she’ll do another country recording. This is my blog…I can dream can’t I? I do love Reba McEntire. This Reba, one name, as in “Liza With A Z”, is kinda silly. Reminds me of Sylvia. Oh geez…there’s a name from the way back past. Remember “Nobody?”

So, dig, if you will, a circa 1980ish Reba McEntire and notice the fine harmony singing of one Ricky Skaggs (before he had a pot to pee in as well) and then jump ahead to about 1984, just as she started to explode as a superstah from her My Kind of Country album (remember those?).

For the record, like our pal Brittney, I also like “Fancy” a lot (any Bobbie Gentry song is cool) and that “Is There Life Out There” and I loooooove “Rumor Has It”.

She Really Sang Country Once: “1. Today All Over Again – Reba McEntire
2. Before I Met You – Reba McEntire”