This excellent post from The Sarcastic Journalist overwhelmed me. None of us like to think of ourselves in our old age, but, there are moments I think what is going to happen to me when I’m in my 80’s, Lord willing I live that long?

What are my teens going to do with me when I’m that old? I look at them now and here lately, half the time, I can’t get a polite word out of them. What are they going to do with me when I’m 80 something??

As much as I’d give to have my dad around and to not have had him die when he was 65, I’m glad I will never have to see him in that kind of shape. That still leaves my mother. She’s been blessed with good health , except that nasty smoker’s bronchitis that she insists is “drainage” or “allergies” that is getting worse and will probably end up tying her to an oxygen machine.

People like my second cousin Dr. W. C. Link have made it their mission to see to it that old folks are well cared for. W. C. had the vision many years ago for a place for seniors that ended up being McKendree Manor. We’ve long since jokingly threatened Mom with having her a room reserved out there for years, but, as her 72nd birthday comes later this year, it’s becoming less and less funny.