I just took some clothes out of the washing machine to put into the dryer and a tire from, I guess, some sort of truck belonging to #2 rolled out and I didn’t even flinch. 14 years of mama-ness does that to you.

I should’ve probably stayed home yesterday and tried to do something with my house, but, I didn’t. I was at the pool, enjoying what could have been probably the perfect summer day. I’m not flourescent white anymore and a nice, light little tan is beginning to emerge. I don’t get black as night or nothing. I know when to quit. Co-worker Debbie was there part of the time and I just enjoyed hanging with her awhile. She’s one of the cooler people you could ever meet and I’m bummed they’re moving her to the other side of the floor, probably next week. I might actually get some work done, though.

I also met a 26 year old young lady at the pool who is caring for her 8 year old sister, indefnitely, due to their mother’s illness. She was a chatty, outgoing young woman who has kinda put her life on hold to take over this responsibility. I was very impressed with her. No easy task.

Trying to get myself in gear and get ready for church. At least this Sunday, I’m not singing. I sang last Sunday and while I love to sing, I was asked by the preacher to sing a certain song….a song I would’ve never chosen, not because I don’t like it (I Can Only Imagine) it’s just I’d ahve never picked that one. I think it came out ok. I’m too harsh on myself and in my mind, I sounded like Kip in “Napoleon Dynamite” singing at his wedding. I don’t think it was that bad, though.

Today is my Grandma Collie’s 109th birthday. She’s long gone, some 22 years now, but, I still think about her. I wish I could have a conversation with her now, at 37. Last time I talked to her, I was about 14 and she really didn’t know who I was. I’d like to compare notes with her and get her advice on kid rearing. I’d love to take her to her weekly shopping trip to the Handy Andy in San Antonio; take her to get her hair done at Opal’s on Fredericksburg Rd.; I’d love to hear her tell me how I shouldn’t give up clarinet because music is so important; I’d love to pick her up and take her to church at Los Angeles Heights United Methodist Church; I’d love to hear her say “Whoa John!” when riding in a car that might be going just a little too fast for her taste. I’d love to see her with my kids and hear her ask my daughter how much she weighs. Everytime I smell raisin toast and oatmeal, I feel like Grandma is in the next room.

“Meeting In The Air” – June Carter Cash: “1. Meeting In The Air – June Carter Cash”